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Dare to Dream by One Direction
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Apr 12, 12

it was amazing
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READING LOG: 12/2/11

PG´S: 26

Harry says his earliest memories are being at Disney, when he was about five. Then he says that his hair has changed a lot, and the worst part is that there is photos that prove it; and its kind of embarrassing. He says he is really competitive in sports. He likes things that involve skill and anything that’s a bit of a challenge. At the end of eight grade he and some friends formed a band.
He was shocked when they asked him to be the singer cause the only places he had sing was the shower and at the car. He gave it a try and they always sang ‘Summer of 69’ by Bryan Adams.They entered a competition, and the day of their performance the named the band. Harry had the idea of calling the band ‘White Eskimo’ which was the most random name ever; but since that moment they where White Skimo.They where really good, and won!


PG'S: 21-40

Harry always though of auditioning for the X Factor, and he did back in 2010. He says that the best part was when they where told they were going to be put in a band together. The band members are Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall; and they are called One Direction; Harry thought of the name. They stayed at Harry’s stepdad’s house so they could know each other better and see how they sounded together; even though the last thing they did was sing. Back at the show they had the second audition at Simon’s house in Spain; and they went through! They go to finals but got third place. Harry says he found the X Factor final pretty emotional. Later they went to Simon’s office and they where told they were getting a record deal. In January they went back to work. They went to LA, and Harry says he finds it weird that everyone is so polite there. They also did some recording, at the same place the Glee cast was recording vocals; which Harry thought was really cool. He says he whishes they had been in LA more time, so they could see more things.

READING LOG: 23-2-12

PG'S: 40-60

Harry says that he is surprised of how committed the fans are. He thinks is crazy how people on the streets recognize him. Harry also thinks he might not get used to all the cameras, or reading things about him on the news. At the end of Harry’s chapter there are some facts, so here are some of my favorites. His favorite food is sweetcorn and his favorite restaurant is TGI Fridays. Harry likes to spend a Sunday sleeping or chilling out. Now I’m starting with Liam’s chapter. Liam says one of the strangest thing he might tell us about his younger years is that he only has one kidney. He has only one because when he was born he was effectively dead. When he was little he had to get 32 injections in the morning and in the evening. Liam still has both kidneys only that one doesn’t works, so he need to be careful.


PG´S 60- 79

When liam was 12 years old he joined the running team from his school. He became the third best 1500 meters runner in his age group. Thanks to Liams dad he became very sporty and worked out a lot. When he was growing up he started singing karaoke, he used to sing Robbie Williams songs. Liam had auditioned for the X factor back in 2008 but got to the third round, so in 2010 he gave it another shot. When he got the news that they were going to put them in a band, he very excited! At the same time he was quite nervous about going to harrys stepdad house, because none of them really new each other. But when they got to know each other they got along pretty well. While they where on the X Factor they all share a room, and he says that sharing a room with five young ´lads´was pretty crazy. Now the boys are the best of mates.
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message 5: by Ms Cochran (new)

Ms Cochran I've never heard of this band, Mariana; I'll have to check them out! Make sure to specify who you are talking about when you start out saying "he." 20/25

message 4: by Ms Cochran (new)

Ms Cochran Interesting story! Make sure you are reading a total of 150 minutes per week. 20/25

message 3: by Ms Cochran (new)

Ms Cochran Thanks, Mariana 20/25!

message 2: by Ms Cochran (new)

Ms Cochran Interesting! 25/25

Cher  Lloyd I like the parts about his hair changing too. It hasn't changed much since I was on x factor with him though. Maybe a little longer now, but that's it.

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