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Brian's Return by Gary Paulsen
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Nov 17, 2011

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Time read 2 30 min
book Brians Return
author Gary Pulsen

I read that Brian was acussed of hitting a kid because Sam had pushed him. When Sam pushed him he stangely transported to the woods where he lived. In the woods there was a crazy deer trying to attack him. So Brian defended himself as he remembered. But when he was back in the resturant he noticed that Sam was all beat up and bleeding. So the owner of the resturant called the police and hey got there really quick. When they got there they got Brian. They were trying to help Sam but he was so hurt they had to take him to the hospital. They took Brian to his house. When he arrived his mother was really freaked out because the policemen were the ones that took Brian he so they were shure that something bad had happened. When his mother finished talking to the policeman she went to talk with Brian. Brian explained everything that had happened and she was very conffused. After what happened Brian was send to talk with a sicologist. He wasnt relly happy about this but he had to do it. The police had made him do it.

Time 2 30 min
Brians Return
Gary Pulsen

I read that the next day he woked up early. He had his first appointment in the sicologist. He wasnt relly happy. When he got he waited anxiously with his mother. When they called his name he went inside the room and his mother waited behind. He sat and say a thin man in front of his. The thin man introduced himself. His name was Caleb. He asked brian what had happened, and Brian explained everything in detail. When he was done he realised that Caleb was very intrigated. Then by the way that Caleb tried to look for him he realied that Caleb was blind. After the story Caleb said that he wanted him to tell him about his experience living in the woods. He told Brian that he could imagine so good what happened because the way that he discribed it. So Brian told him more. At the end both had had a great afternoon and agreed to meet again next week.

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message 1: by Ms Cochran (new)

Ms Cochran I wonder what will happen next? 25/25

message 2: by Ms Cochran (new)

Ms Cochran I can only imagine that spending so much time by yourself in the woods would make it difficult to readjust to living in modern society. Good summary, Antonio; please make sure you proofread before submitting! 23/25

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