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Lover Mine by J.R. Ward
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Lover Mine is John and Xhex’s story, and it’s another one Blackdagger novel that fell flat for me. Anyone that reads my reviews knows how massively important likeable character, and realistic character development is to me. Normally Ms. Ward excels in these areas, but I felt Lover Mine was a big letdown in that department. I never really liked Xhex as a mate for John and this book didn’t change my opinion. She’s too damaged goods, too butch, and runs away far too quickly. Her character development in this story is spectacular though. She grows a in a lot, which I appreciated. This contrasts sharply with the state of poor John’s character development. What happened to the sweet boy I loved so much in the first books? John is angry, very, very angry. He seems less mature in this book than he did in all the books prior (even pre trans John made better decisions). He spends most of the book pissing on everyone that cares about him to the point where I wanted to crawl through the pages and smack him. The novel has a happy ending, and leaves me with hope I’ll see the old John back in future books, but overall, Lover Mine felt like one of the weaker offerings in this fantastic series.


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