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The Drop by Michael Connelly
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Nov 10, 11

it was ok
bookshelves: mystery
Read in November, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Michael Connelly is one of my favorite authors and I nearly always rush out and get his Harry Bosch books within a few weeks of them coming out. For his others I get them from the library as soon as I can.

So, I'm sad to say I was a little disappointed with this one, especially after the roller coaster thrill of 9 DRAGONS, which I loved. I'm not saying it's not well written in terms of having a solid plot or that it was totally unbelievable. However, it was very much a police procedural, rather slow and methodical, and there seemed a bit more focus on the political tricks within the force than some of the other books.

In this book there are really two cases, one decades old and another fresh one that could be a political bombshell. The majority of the time deals with the possible suicide of a bigwig's son. Harry and his partner Chu follow the clues and try to figure out what happened despite the roadblocks and incomplete stories. During this time Harry has a serious issue with Chu leaking details of the case to a reporter and it nearly ends their partnership.

The second part of the novel is about finding the blood/DNA evidence of an 8-year-old on a rape victim from years before. They have to figure out how the boy's blood got there and how that relates to the crime. That investigation is complicated by the fact that the boy has grown up to be a sexual predator himself.

During this case Harry meets up with a doctor named Hannah and hits it off. Personally, I didn't really see the sparks. It was more like two lonely people spending time together. To be a counselor Hannah comes off rather needy and intrusive.

The one shining spot in the book was the relationship Harry has developed with his teenage daughter. She's mature for her age and she and Harry seem to be getting along rather well. It's good to know that Harry can do something right when it comes to his personal life.

The ending of the book seemed rather rushed and a bit too tidy for my tastes. I did find it a little hard to believe that after 20 plus years Harry can just take a case and in a matter of a week or so find a serial killer that no one even knew about.

However, I'm hoping that the next Harry Bosch book doesn't deal with political mess left at the end of this one. I much prefer it when Harry can just work his cases and catch the criminals without all the political backstabbing. I think this would've been a far more effective story if there had just been one case and everything focused on that instead of trying to do too much for one book.

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message 2: by Dennis (new)

Dennis You comment that it is hard to believe that after 20 years Harry can take a case in a matter of a week and find the killer. In real life it just so happens to parallel that of the LAPD Det charged in 2009 for a 24 year old murder based on exactly the situation (DNA) that Harry encountered.

Grey853 That might be, but it wasn't developed as well in the novel as I would've liked, not like the suicide case was. It just seemed too easy, and that's never been the case with anything Harry does in his other books.

Connelly tried to do too much and should've focused on either the serial killer or the suicide, not both. It was like that case was just thrown in as filler. I didn't think this was the best book of the series, a series which is still on my top five best series list.

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