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The Death of the Liberal Class by Chris Hedges
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Nov 11, 11

it was amazing

First of all, my dust jacket cover and title page read "Death of the Liberal Class"--no "The," and the ISBN number is slightly different from the one displayed here. I know the paperback edition dropped the "The," so I wonder about the publishing history and where the edition displayed here come from.

All that aside, this book belongs in the hands of all of us who call ourselves liberals as a reminder of all the selling out that we've done to the corporate state and as a challenge to resist it. In other words, Hedges has written a jeremiad. Although at times his rant becomes repetitive and his last chapter, "Rebellion," goes off-track a bit when analyzing the internet, he writes convincingly about how much our country has lost as its "conscience" (liberals) has grown silent, forgetting about class conflict as it succumbs to comfort and complacency. At times I felt despair rising in me as I read, but perhaps we can look to the Occupy Wall Street "movement" for signs of hope. Here are a few excerpts from Hedges' first chapter:

"The media, the church, the university, the Democratic Party, the arts, and labor unions—the pillars of the liberal class—have been bought off with corporate money and promise, of scraps tossed to them by the narrow circles of power" (10).

"[Universities] have transformed themselves into vocational schools. They have become breeding grounds for systems managers trained to serve the corporate state" (11).

"The death of the liberal class means there is no check to a corporate apparatus designed to enrich a tiny elite and plunder the nation. An ineffectual liberal class means there is no hope, however remote, of a correction or of a reversal. It ensures that the frustration and anger among the working and middle classes will find expression outside the confines of democratic institutions and the civilities of liberal democracy" (12).

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