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The Twilight Collection by Stephenie Meyer
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May 30, 2008

did not like it
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Here we go.

Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse.

Small nod to Mrs. Meyers for spawning a series that continues to captivate a young audience. Aside from that brief allowance, I’ve got more than a few frowns for this trio of teen angst.

The message: If an author employs a thesaurus to the narrative of a high school girl ( I dare not say heroine, because Ms. Swan is surely not one of these), the reader should instinctively accept that said female is responsible and intelligent, which somehow must quantify the desperate tortured obsession she confuses for love. With a pretty vampire boy. Personally, I have been concerned about Bella for awhile, and annoyed, and horrified. We know Bella must be in love with Edward because …. Because….. Right. Oh, because he’s sexy - and because he loves her, naturally. At least the vamps’ psychology is slightly better - chalk it up to blood lust and the fact that Bella’s brain is dysfunctional (obviously - but attractive? Hmmm)

See, there is nothing about Bella that exhibits true intelligence or female empowerment, or maturity, and when you’re catering to a young audience, that’s tragic. Maybe that’s the point though…..let’s drop the standards for today’s youth even more! Maybe we can all be as shallow and horny and self involved as Bella is….or maybe these novels are just trash fiction. Still.

The writing: I have hope for her future stuff, but I found the style of writing (particularly vocabulary) to be so widely inconsistent that I must physically stretch my imagination to accept that one individual is responsible for the series. I could digress, but won’t.

The story: Soap opera in print. Sure, it’s captivating….you’re curious, I’m curious, we’re all curious….but is it worth it? Really? I’m frustrated more than sated so far.

So, that being said, decide for yourself. I’m not much of a romantic - - especially when you’re talking about teen love - - - - I think the fact that Meyers cites Shakespeare and Bronte does her story more harm than good.

If you’re reading this series for pure trashy entertainment, that’s one thing. But I’m concerned about the tweens reading novels like this, I feel like it’s setting the bar for behavior really really low. Sure, it’s fiction, it’s fantasy, but it still bothers me, because they could be infinitely better.

And maybe I’m being a bit rough and tough on this newbie writer, but, I’ve set my standards for literature a little higher than Mrs. Meyers has aimed. Which is too bad, because I think these novels could’ve been really gratifying.
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