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High Stakes by Erin McCarthy
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Nov 18, 11

bookshelves: fantasy-romance, humor, vampire
Read from November 17 to 18, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Las Vegas - a good place for vampires, and where the vampire president lives - in the casino he owns. It's a reelection year, and Ethan's opponent is looking to lead vampires into power, to take advantage of their preternatural talents... Ethan wants the status quo, blending, blood banks, mortal safety. And he needs a woman on his arm to enhance his image.

he thinks Brittney, his dentist, would fit the bill - she is sweet, happy, and half vampire, and using a bit of vampiric persuasion, she joins him at the casino... until 3 weeks later her sister alexia shows up. Alexia is a powerhouse - a Vegas prosecutor of sex crimes, raised by a self centered, stripper mother, and she took on the care of her younger sister, still feeling protective of her. And she takes on Ethan, challenging him, exciting him ... and Ethan, who was realizing that a relationship with Brittney would have been a hardship (he hadn't even kissed her in 3 weeks). so he makes a bargain with her, she plays the part of his girlfriend (for the election) for the week, and he would release Brittney...

And they get to know one another, filling empty spaces of each of them... she accepts the vampirism pretty easily, he is invigorated by her - her kung fu 'attacks', that she doesn't back down, and her vulnerabilities... soulmates... though she agrees to live with him, she doesn't want conversion - until she is knifed (more or less by accident) by his opponent's man, and dying...

they introduce characters that I'm sure will come up - of course her sister Brittney and a banished vampire Corbin - a scientist vampire looking for a cure for vampirims; Seamus, his friend, one he converted 200 years earlier, his campaign manager and his sister, Gwenna, a recluse & fragile seeming... Ringo, an exmarine hit man, sent to kill Ethan, turned to vampire by the opponent - a good heart? I'm not sure

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