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Red Glove by Holly Black
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Jan 06, 12

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Read from January 05 to 06, 2012 — I own a copy

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Glad to report that my my new, unexpected and surprising love affair with Holly Black continues. YES!

I approached Red Glove with trepidation, because a few of my book soulmate type friends, whose opinions I rely on, were not very positive about this sequel. But I, thankfully, saw nothing wrong with it. Red Glove is completely on par with its predecessor.

So, Cassel is back in school after spending a few months with his conartist mom who curses and charms every rich and powerful man in the vicinity. But getting rid of her for a time doesn't change the fact that he has plenty more troubles on his mind - he has to face the burden of knowledge of his assassin past and he is forced to confront Lila who was worked into blindly loving him by his mother. To add to all that, Cassel has feds on his tail who blackmail him into helping them out to solve a murder involving a woman in red gloves.

I enjoyed pretty much everything about Red Glove and most likely I will repeat all the complements I already gave White Cat. Conartistry, mafia and activism in defense of curse workers are just great. The dynamic between Cassel and Lila are even better. Mysteries in YA rarely mystify me, but this one surprised me again and again.

The only gripe with this series I'd like to bring up is this - what's up with the new covers?

White Cat by Holly Black Red Glove by Holly Black Black Heart (Curse Workers, #3) by Holly Black

I know not everyone is fond of the old ones, but I think they are clever and very much in tune with the stories inside them, sort of noirish. Plus, how can I resist the color scheme that is cute play on the books' titles?

White Cat (Curse Workers, #1) by Holly Black Red Glove (Curse Workers, #2) by Holly Black Black Heart (The Curse Workers, #3) by Holly Black.

Whose brilliant idea was it to change something that was never bad?
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Emily May I am very pleased that you liked this. I've been wondering how you'd find it after I struggled a little. Ready for book 3? :)

Tatiana And I am surprised you didn't. I thought it was just as good as the 1st one. Hope it doesn't mean the end of our book soulmatedness;P

Emily May Nooooo! I'm sure it was just a rough patch, LOL. Actually, I think I read it too soon after the first one and I wonder if I was expecting too much(?). Anyway, I'm still looking forward to Black Heart!

Gabry I dislike the change of covers, well, that's what I mostly do whenever they decide to change most series book covers. It makes me sad, especially when I see the old one and compare it with the new one. I remembered they changed a few details of the first book's cover and then gave the series a new font look and now they changed the covers again. Which kind of weirds me out because now it won't be maaaatching. But glad you liked the second one though!

Tatiana What annoys me (and probably all book collectors) the most is that the books won't match! I mean, it's ok for hardbacks and paperbacks not to match, but all three hardbacks in this series will be of different design.

message 6: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Maybe I should give Holly Black another chance.

message 7: by Tatiana (last edited Jan 06, 2012 05:31PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tatiana I can only say YES, but I am biased already and you weren't feeling the 1st one. Does it happen that you like a book if you give it another go? Cause it never works this way for me.

Emily May I agree about the covers. I actually really like those old ones, they seem very fitting for the series and I own both US hardbacks of the first two books (because surprise, surprise, the UK ones are crappy). Are they not even releasing that version of Black Heart? I saw that it's been moved to the kindle edition :(

message 9: by Tatiana (last edited Jan 06, 2012 05:35PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tatiana I think these new covers are final. They are even posted on S&S website. I honestly don't understand why the publishers think that the new ones will stand out? They are so dreary and dark.

Speaking of UK covers, they are indeed pretty awful.

Sasha Very happy to see you liked this series! So then, if you were a curseworker, what kind do you think you'd be? I would definitely be an emotion worker.

PS - completely agree on the cover thoughts.

Tatiana A luck working sounds like fun:)

Sabrina I haven't read these books yet, but the new covers remind me a bit of the newer versions of Cluedo: are there some references or is it just a graphic coincidence?

Tatiana I honestly have no idea what Cluedo is, but I am positive it never was mentioned in the books.

Sabrina It's a board game (they made also computer games and a movie out of it). In its newer editions, the graphic designers chose a weird mix of Art Nouveau curlicues, Art Deco patterns and a typeface inspired to the Twenties.
These new covers remind me of that.
Here's an image, even if it's not very representative.

Loretta Nyhan I agree! Love this series and can't wait for the next...

Shanah Davis I agree about the covers. Very boring and outdated looking. Sort of reminds me of some disco record cover art.

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