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Bite by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jun 24, 2007

it was ok
bookshelves: romance
Recommended for: people who are into vampire sex
Read in June, 2007

This book is about vampires and sex - it's definitely not an example of good short story structure.
The first story is an Anita Blake story, something I have never experienced before.Basically it started out with an interesting premise - a girl who is about to lose her leg who wants to become a vampire so as to save it. But then abandons this plot entirely so as to focus on the more important issue, that Anita Blake is involved with two incredibly hot guys but she hasn't had sex in, like, forever! Omigod! And there's this incredibly sexually tense moment that is ruined by the plot, dammit, crashing back in. But they shove that offstage quickly and come back so as to spray chocolate icing all over each other. Ick. Terrible.
The next is a Sookie Standhouse story (Charlaine Harris), and believe me, I'm suspicous of anyone who insists on going by their nickname for most of their life. Well, it develops that Sookie's long lost cousin has died. Oh and she was a vampire. Oh wait, no, she was killed. And who cares!? It's badly written, never really explaining characters who just pop up with no real reason to be there and we're supposed to care about a cousin that she wasn't even close to? We're never given much reason to. Disappointing.
The next story is by MaryJanice Davidson and gets back to the familiar terrain of vampire sex, thank god. This involves a crush by a human (who is written endearingly smalltown american) on a vampire (an older french animal vet) who recently lost her partner. Then it throws in the plot of a vampire killing women in towns nearby. It might be good if it wasn't so haphazard with its plot. And the characters are just caricatures - the worst is the queen of the vampires - a brainless valley girl type, amazingly annoying,although it's supposed to be humorous. It all falls apart in a ridiculous lover's spat/confrontation with the killer climax.
The story by Angela Knight is complete unrepentant vampire porn, almost refreshing to not have to hide what readers of this book really want. The plot is familiar - two beautiful people are attracted to one another and have mind-blowing sex numerous times inbetween the patent badly put-together good/evil plot.
The last story by Vickie Taylor is boy meets vampire, vampire makes vampire, new vampire bonds with older vampire, sex,sex,sex and then goes and takes vengeance. It's not badly done, neither is it amazing.
It's hard while reading these stories to realize that each writer has different guidelines for what a vampire is and what hurts them. It can get rather confusing when the last story had vampires fall unconscious at dawn but the next one has them burn. In one, vampires fear crosses, and in another only if the crosses are silver, and in another they laygh when faced with one. The only consistancies are that vampires are apparently very erotic creatures/monsters and that for some reason they are all pale beautiful white people with some connection to the South and french names. Go figure.
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message 1: by Dixie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:19PM) (new) - added it

Dixie Heartless The entire Sookie Stackhuse series is actually a pretty decent read. It takes some getting used to but personally I enjoy it. If you like southern culture (which I do) and vampires ..... Eventually there is "vampire sex" but it's definitely not the main focus of the series, they lean more towards mystery.

Christina The short stories are all from series' of books, so in most cases, you already know the main characters and back-stories. If you read the Betsy books, then you're used to what an idiot she can be. Sookie (her real name, not her nicname) is a good series, and if you've read it you've heard mention of her cousin in an earlier book. The title, "BITE", should have been a clue that it was about vampires, and written by different authors. It seems that a person would like this type of book before reading this collection of short stories.

message 3: by Jill (new)

Jill Correct spelling: "Sookie Stackhouse" and Sookie is not a nickname, it's a birth name and it's not as uncommon as you might think… or so I'm come to learn since first reading this series.

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