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Midnight Reflections by P.M. Richter
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Nov 10, 11

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Read from November 08 to 10, 2011 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** This novel started with photographer Julia Monay, trying desperately to figure out why her younger brother lay viciously beaten and fighting for his life in a hospital bed. As she tries to find out what happened, her car gets towed at the hospital. The “mechanic” who helps her out, Robin Chavier, seems to take an interest in her as well. Robin, then overhears something in the hospital, which lead him to believe that Julia Monay’s brother may not have been a random mugging victim. So Robin decides that he will help Julia find out what happened, as a concerned citizen…and as a way to get closer to Julia. So begins the adventures of Robin and Julia as crime solvers. The author mentioned that Julia already had a boyfriend, a doctor named Alexander. It was also clear that Julia didn’t have “the forever” feelings for Alexander, even though he was everything society says a girl should want. It appeared the author was trying to set up a love triangle, but there was no real competition between the doctor and the dirty mechanic. As Julia and Robin work together to solve this crime, they become closer to real danger and closer to each other. When Julia finds out information both about who Robin really is, Julia is forced to make some decisions about her future.

Honestly, this story was quite predictable and it was a couple of chapters too long. Many things in this novel were not realistic. The antagonist didn’t have enough bite to go with his bark. If he was as ruthless as the author would have us to believe, then many of his behaviors didn’t match up, i.e., location of the safe and combination, video tapes, his talkative housekeeper etc. Things were too easy for the amateurs, so the plot rang a little hollow in those areas for me. The hero and heroine were too good. My favorite quote from Robin to Julia was “And you know, everyone talks about making out, or having sex, but really, people basically just need to be hugged every once and a while.” I didn’t really feel the emotion between the characters as I read about it. I didn’t really connect well with them, especially the Julia. Her actions seemed reckless and impulsive to me. I think that a woman of her financial resources would have checked Robin out more thoroughly. Another thing that was just unbelievable was the scene where the two officers discussed Robin so casually in front of Julia. They didn’t even glance to make sure she wasn’t listening. I didn’t buy it at all. Lastly, Sarah’s change seemed contrived. Women don’t give up something they want that easily. It was a character that the novel could have done without as she really didn’t provide anything to the plot.

Overall, it was an okay read. The ending was sweet. I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book.


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