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Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry
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Nov 08, 2011

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The book Gathering Blue, takes place in a dystopian society. The people live in horrible ways with aggressive behavior to survive. The children are beaten up if they get in the ways of the adults in the village. The book’s protagonist is Kira, a cripple. She’s a cripple because she was born with a twisted leg. She has a twisted leg which she was almost euthanized but however was saved from her mother. Christopher, Kira’s father, is presumed dead because he never came back from a hunt when Kira was just an infant. When Kira’s mother dies she becomes an orphan. The good thing was that Kira is born with a skill, a amazing skill in craft. Her and Thomas and Jo all have this magical skill. For Kira, the thread and color seems to take on life of their own, which then created wonderful, beautiful and prophetic images. Jo does the same with music and Thomas with woodcarving. Kira is friends with a boy named Matt, who looks at Kira as a bigger sister. Matt then starts pointing the flaws of their society. In the climax of the book it is revealed that the Council of Guardians, the group that rules the country, purposely made Kira, Thomas and Jo orphans. The council tries to every effort to keep the young artists under their control, but fails due to Kira and Matt. Matt then tells Kira of another village that exists kindness. In this village everyone is accepted. It is revealed that Kira’s father, Christopher, is still alive and well living in this village. He was driven out from home by the Guardian Jamison, who was trying to kill him. Kira is then offered a place in this village but declines it due she wants to help her own people with her knowledge and her creative skills.

I didn’t not enjoy this book. I read the first book of the trilogy, The Giver , and it was way much better. I believed it lacked action. I am a person that likes to read a book with a lot of action and Gathering Blue didn’t fulfill that need. Also it does not really talk about Jonah, the main protagonist from The Giver. I felt that there was no connections between the first two books. The Giver ended with so many unanswered questions and this follow up didn’t help answer them. However, if you enjoy books with a twist in them then do read this book.

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