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Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison
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Nov 07, 11

Read from October 27 to November 02, 2011

Bridget Duke is the cruel dictator of her private high school. She is a spoiled and completely selfish teen-aged girl, yet people still bow down to her. She has two best friends who she treats poorly, but they don't want to get on her bad side. The author of this book, Paige Harbison does a very good job at illustrating this character and gives us a good insight on her thoughts. Harbison starts off the book with Bridget recklessly driving home after a bad day, and thinking about what her peers would think if she just ended it all right now and drove off the road. She thinks about who would feel guilty? Who would show up at her funeral? And what would they say? Immediately from the start the reader could tell that Bridget is a character that's so obsessed with other people’s opinions about her. As she comes to the realization that she doesn't even like herself and the ugly truth that others don't care much about her either, she realizes that it is too late and her car is already aiming off the road towards a huge tree, looking into her death.
The book then flashes back to a few days previous to her suicide attempt. These few chapters go into detail about her life and the "horrible days" she’s been having. This part of the book shows Bridget's selfish feelings and some guilty ones. She is rude and inconsiderate of others, mainly her stepmother, her tech teacher and her best friends. The day after her party we go back to her crazy suicide scene, and then we arrived in limbo. Bridget wakes up to five people at a conference, typically not the best five people for her to be in intervention with. She must step into all of those five people's shoes and face the cruel moments she had with them and understand their feelings. While seeing herself and the way she treated others, she comes to realization that she’s not the person she thought she was or the person she wants to be. She got her Tech teacher fired by making up a rumor about him and her stepmother having an affair. She calls her bulimic best friend fat very often. She’s rude to the new girl Anna because everyone likes Anna better than Bridget. She constantly yells at her stepmother that's trying to relate and look after her. And realizes that the boy she is still in love with can't be with her because he misses the girl she used to be. All of these five people are the ones that decide if Bridget gets to live and survive her crash, or die.
I very much enjoyed this book and found it interesting. Harbison does a wonderful job at showing the emotions of each character. This book shows the views of Bridget and then transforms into the way other people view her. Harbison made the main character look at her own life through other people’s eyes and made her step in the shoes of the people she has hurt over the past years, literally. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend. I loved the structure of the book it had a unique style and it was very descriptive.

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