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Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller
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Nov 07, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: fiction, autobiography
Read from November 07 to 11, 2011

...because it was onced banned.

Unfortunately banning this book only fueled interest and in a sense landed Tropic of Cancer as a masterpiece. Upon reading this exhausting story it is anything but a masterpiece.

Tropic of Cancer is basically the meandering thoughts of a tortured soul, oversexed, often poor and homeless man (Henry Miller) who fancies himself as a writer. He often shares company with not only various prostitutes, but other men who are in the field of the arts and who dole out money to support him in his time of need - or habit, which is quite often. Henry Miller as the author uses vulger and obscene language which at first I was startled by but after a while I realized that it was his way of writing without editing and using words that you don't normally see. Basically shock value. However, shock value has no value in my opinion.

"I have made a silent compact with myself not to change a line of what I write. I am not interested in perfecting my thoughts, nor my actions."

"...Now we shall have a vessel in which to pour the vital fluid, a bomb which, when we throw it, will set off the world. We shall put into it enough to give the writers of tomorrow their plots, their dramas, their poems, their myths, their sciences. The world will be able to feed on it for a thousand years to come. It is colossal in its pretentiousness."

Give me a break! Henry Miller comes across as such an ass that the one word that he uses quite liberally is really what I think of him. He has such a blantant disregard for women that not only can he not live without them and sex for hire, but upon looking at the female anatomy he ponders life and the "cancer" that is eating at our society. WOW - that's deep?! (no pun intended) However, Henry Miller has a chance to change his life and "start over" but just can't give up women and his cunning ways.


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