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Sloane Sisters by Anna Carey
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Jan 30, 2012

really liked it
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Jeannine K.
January 29, 2012
January Book Review

Sloane Sisters by Anne Carey

The main characters in my book are the four girls, Cate, Andie, Stella, and Lola Sloane are the main characters. Cate and Stella are the two older ones. They are the same age and are both stuck up They are mean, they feel like they are the best they both have lots in common that’s why they are always together. Andie and Lola are the two younger ones they are also the same age. They are both sweet and quiet.

The protagonists in the story in my opinion are Cate and Stella. They are always putting Andie and Lola down they are always ignoring them. When they want to hang out with them or just walk with them Stella and Cate walk away from them. They laugh and joke around with each other and exclude the younger girls. So when that happens Andie and Lola try to stick together so they won’t be alone.

I think that the main conflict in the story is that Cate and Andie’s father met Stella and Lola’s supermodel mother and they started going out. Then he proposed to her and none of the girls were happy when she said yes. That means all of them would have to get to know each other. When the girls moved to New York with there mother they moved into Andie and Cate’s house. They were not happy and at first none of them got along.

I think the lesson is that if you know you are going to have a new family when you first meet them introduce yourself first so that you won’t feel like you have strangers living in your own home. It would be weird sleeping in the same room with someone who is new and you only know their names. Also ask your parent questions before they come over so you can see what you have in common. It will help you start up conversations.

The setting is in New York City other wise known as the Big Apple. I think it mainly takes place in the afternoon and night time. I think that because it talks a lot about when the girls come home from school and after school programs which is all in the evening. Then in the night because it talks about them eating dinner and the conversations about their days at the family table.
In the beginning of the book Stella and Lola’s mother was telling them about how she was dating a man that she really likes and that they were moving to New York. She did not give them too many details, but she did say that they were moving into Winston’s house. They got there and the girls missed home in London. Emma, the mother also wanted to move there because she got an offer to be model for the company Ralph Lauren. She took the job because she was a model back at home.
In the middle of the book the girls all met and kept there distance. When they all finally met Cate and Stella hit it off quite nicely. They seen they both found their younger sisters annoying. When Andie got home from sports practice she met Stella and Lola. She did not like either, she thought that Stella was exactly like Cate and that one was enough. She thought that Lola was a geek and was not very cool. When she found out that their mother was Emma Childs the model she was so happy. Andie wants to be a model and she was hoping that Emma put here in a magazine. So she pretended that she likes Lola and Stella. She starts talking to Lola and she shows Lola her room and gave her a tour of the house.
In the end of the book the parents are married and they all end up getting used to each other. The girls love each other and they hang out together. The two older ones are nicer to the two twelve year olds. They treat each other like real family and they don’t mind each other. Everyone was so happy at the wedding. Cate was crying and Cate never cried she was moved by the ceremony. Everyone started to cry and congratulate the couple.

I think that the major turning point in this book is how all the girls did not like each other. Then it changed to all of then liking each other. Then everyone loved each other and the parents got married. They accepted the fact that this was their life and there was no going back. Everyone was getting along just fine and learning everyday how to make it so that they don’t fight.

The major conflict in the story was resolved by all of them living in the same house together. They all got used to each other. They also had to try to talk to get to know each other so that things were not so awkward. They also solved the problems by remembering that they have to get along for the parents. They thought that if they don’t get along the parents would get upset and not get married. They found things in common and made it work.

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