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Initiate by Tara Maya
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Nov 08, 11

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, romance

I downloaded this for free off amazon, so I honestly wasn't expecting much.

The first few sections (subchapters?) confused me because of the barrage of new terms, names, activities etc. but I soldiered on, determined that things would be explained in good time, and they were!

This was a very refreshing story, different from other fantasy novels I've read, and while I don't find the main female, Dindi, all that smart, Her single minded focus on her goal is endearing. Likewise, the male lead, Kavio, is very eye catching and his numerous (read as: never ending list of) skills and talents are supposed by products of his ancestry, history, and practice. I would really like to know when he sleeps, I doubt he does, maybe he dances a few more hours of the day into being, sarcasm aside though, he's an extremely likeable character.

The rest of the cast is colorful, the cultures make sense and characters ascribe to their specified culture, and do not act like modern minds set in another world. When characters actions go against heir culture, it is clear that they are struggling with their choice. Bonus points for this.

While it takes some getting used to, reading the story from the multiple perspectives is really fun. I enjoyed seeing through many eyes.

I read the three released books back to back, and was actually a bit disgruntled to find that this story already has 6+ other planned books. There's already a lot of wandering for my tastes, and I thought that the story could have been sufficiently told in a trilogy. Despite this, I want to know how the story ends.

So, this book lost a star because of its sometimes dragging story, having to wait halfway through he book for some terms to be understood fully, and too perfect characters...

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