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Apr 27, 2012

(Review from the author)
Read in September, 2011

In the greatest, foulest city in the world, love, mayhem and betrayal find the slave, Alexandros. Given as a gift to the richest man in Rome, he soon discovers that intrigue and murder stalk the house of his master. Yet, if he solves the crime, the worst punishment may prove to be his own.
Winner! 2011 Gold Award for Historical Fiction
from eLit Book Awards

Alexandros is astute, well-educated and brimming with caustic wit, but he can’t seem to remember the golden rule of slavery: keep your head down and your mouth shut. No wonder more than one person in the house of Marcus Crassus wants to see this former Greek philosophy student dead.

Through accident and intervention, Alexandros manages to survive, but is he willing to take the proffered hand of the one ally he wants desperately to despise – his owner? Every boon and advancement accepted from Crassus is an acknowledgment that his former life is gone. Yet how can he resist? Crassus is a good man, for a Roman.

At last, Alexandros realizes that accepting his condition is the only way to recoup the little freedom left him. He willingly opens his eyes to his new life … and immediately falls in love with Livia, a fellow servant he’s never allowed himself to see. But romance for a slave is a fragile thing, especially when tragedy befalls the Crassus household in the person of Gaius Julius Caesar and his insatiable ambition.

Alexandros has won the ear of Crassus, but can a slave keep a master of Rome from making a choice which will topple the foundations of the empire?
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Quotes Andrew Liked

Andrew Levkoff
“Alone with my wine and my misery, I was convinced that life was composed of a string of “if only’s” leading from one self-inflicted bungle to the next until at some point, one’s final iteration of the excuse became one’s final utterance, and one expired.”
Andrew Levkoff, The Other Alexander

Andrew Levkoff
“I don’t care how smart you are. You’ll never understand how little you really know until you’ve had a woman.”
Andrew Levkoff, The Other Alexander

Andrew Levkoff
“It is laughable how often good manners interfere with my survival.”
Andrew Levkoff, The Other Alexander

Andrew Levkoff
“The past is set down in a thousand thousand indelible scrolls. But the future is a blank parchment forever in wait of a present.”
Andrew Levkoff, The Other Alexander

Andrew Levkoff
“There is no such thing as unrequited love; the phrase ought to be stricken from the lexicon. Love is a thing shared, an intertwining of essential separateness into something not quite alone. There is nothing like it under the heavens. Like bread, it will not be made with flour or water alone; the recipe requires both. Guarding each other’s vulnerability provides the yeast that makes it rise, and salt from the tears that caring brings lends the finishing touch.”
Andrew Levkoff, The Other Alexander

Andrew Levkoff
“It is we who move through time, not the reverse. When we walk beyond any one of life’s instants, it becomes nothing more than a receding milestone. We can look back, but we cannot retrace our steps. The past remains stationary, while we are doomed to move ever onwards. To do otherwise is against nature.”
Andrew Levkoff, The Other Alexander

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message 1: by Eddie (new) - added it

Eddie Varney I read this book (BOW OF HEAVEN) and liked it very much. Today I bought books 2 and 3 of this series(A MIXTURE OF MADNESS, and Blood OF ANGELS. These books are a serious tale of historical fiction of ancient Rome.

If that is your taste, please consider reading these books. They are available in Hard Cover or E-book copy on Amazon.

message 2: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Levkoff Thanks, Eddie! You are very kind. Quick correction: the third book in the series is "Blood of Eagles," and I am afraid there is no hardcover version, just ebook and paperback.

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