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Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke
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Mar 15, 13

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Read in February, 2013

Does a greater bond exist than that between a boy and his dragon? We offer a definitive maybe...

Human settlements have always presented problems for Dragons, and when word reaches Firedrake that his home will soon be under threat, something drastic must be done. He decides at once to set out for a fabled land where dragons are able to live in peace and seclusion. Though, before he can begin his journey, he must visit a renowned mapmaker. One that turns out to be a mouse... He also encounters an orphaned boy who happens to have the time and the aspirations for an epic quest. Together, the pair set out in search of *drum roll* the Rim of Heaven.

Before we go into detail about how great Dragon Rider was, we’re under obligation to mention that one of the Two Bibliomaniacs didn’t make it past the first chapter. Apparently, a talking mouse bringing a warning to a pack of dragons isn’t interesting enough. Apparently, a quest to establish peace and safety to a threatened mythological species is hardly noble enough to demand her attention. Apparently... Okay, we’ll be done.

Actually, Dragon Rider isn’t great, just good, but it does have plenty to offer any wonderful person interested in fantasy and adventure. We’re talking Dragons, mountain dwarfs, and a brownie with a pessimistic disposition. While the danger probably wouldn’t make Dirk Pitt sweat, there’s still plenty of suspense and mystery to keep the weekend adventurist entertained. The novel moves quickly around the globe to many interesting locations and keeps the reader wonder just how many narrow escapes can be packed into one book.

We also enjoyed the bond between orphan boy and dragon. The pair grew closer and learned a couple important life lessons along the way. The supporting cast was strong as well. Twigleg the homunculus will always maintain a special place in our heart and Gravelbeard the mountain dwarf, while prone to making some regrettable decisions, was quite memorable.

Overall, Dragon Rider wasn’t on par with Inkheart, but is still worthy of your time. And if you don’t feel like reading the text, Link from Encino Man does an excellent job with the audio version...

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