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Drowned Wednesday by Garth Nix
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Nov 20, 11

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Arthur is in his hospital room when all of a sudden a huge tidal wave comes in and sucks him out to sea with his freind Leaf! The boat that was supposed to pick up arthur picks up leaf instead and arthur is stranded on his bed. He is drifting around for a very long time when all of a sudden he spots a buoy and jumps off of his sinking hospital bed and swims to the buoy. The second he touchis it four birds jump out of it and fly off. When arthur climbs onto the buoy he notices that he got some red stuff on his hands and figures that he can just reach down and it will rinse off in the ocean. But it doesn't! No matter what he does it will not come off. He sits on the buoy until eventually a boat called the moth comes to get him. They welcome him aboard and he is sailing with them for only about a minute before a guy named Feverfew and his boat the "shiver" comes to kill them because arthur touched the buoy that belonged to feverfew and the birds that flew away alerted him. They escape with huge damage to the boat so they land on an island to make the repairs. Then after a few days Wednesday's dusk comes and gets arthur and takes him to see drowned wedenesday. When they meet she tells him about how she got turned into a whale and says that if he can get her part of the will back from feverfew then she will grant him her domain over the border sea and hand over her key. Of course he agrees and then he ends up on a ship with 'raised rats', who are rats that are bigger than normal and can talk. They make and agreement and take him inside of drowned wednesday where feverfew's private island is. He sneaks up to a place where escaped prisoners live and meets the will. Then the will's best man, of the escaped prisoners, chooses five people to take down back to the submerine with the will. They get caught by feverfew and arther and he have an epic battle where arthur wins and then the little world starts falling apart! so he packs everyone into a boat where they figure out that the room is still attached to a different part of the house and escape the little world that is falling apart. Then wednesday, as promised, hands over her domain and her key to arthur in exchange for arther to turn her back into a human!

I rated this book three stars because it had a lot of boring parts and it just got so boring at times that i thought i was going to put it down but i forced through them and got back into the exciting parts.

I would recomend this book to anyone that likes fiction books and is able to cope with a lot of boring parts.

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