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Incarnate by Jodi Meadows
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Nov 09, 2011

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The idea of a definite set of souls being born over and over again is a novel one that drew me in. And right now it’s quite obvious that I’d not read anything quite like it before. So I enjoyed it, but was confused by some of it.

The different. There be dragons, sylphs and other things, but the most fantastic element was the people themselves. There’s a definite number of souls in their world, and it was them all through out. There was a familiarity among them that I enjoyed with most of the characters talking of others in an almost offhand way; they all knew each other and it showed.

But ANA is different- whether NEW SOUL or NO SOUL, she stuck out for me. Frankly, there was something ‘off ‘about her (and no, I am not referring to the absence of her previous lives,) rather it was how she perceived herself as not real and not entitled to feelings, that had me curious (and just a little upset on her behalf.) A lot of how she behaved made sense given how she was raised, but still I still found her a peculiar mix of a lot of things. For one, she was a sponge that soaked everything up. It’s her curiosity that’s the best thing about her. So on one hand, her mind is open, flexible and accepting, but on the other she could be closed off too; as with her hesitance to acknowledge what she felt, or even to admit that she was capable of such things…and why was that? Because she’d been told she couldn’t! Only in later parts of the book, did I feel a bigger disconnect with her. From her wanting to run away, to her almost easy acquiescence to the hand she’d been dealt, these things showed a girl who neither acted nor reacted, but just was. It’s these parts that I could not quite get over.

The not-so-different . Sam’s sudden appearance in her life had me pursing my lips too, wondering if theirs would be another instant love. Her journey starts with a cruel trick and a little while later of waking in the arms of a stranger was interesting, if not a little creepy. So there I was, crossing my fingers against another one of those fated-to-meet you things, only to get a little more confused by how some things didn’t mesh. Some of her actions did not jive with one who’d grown up with a cruel indifferent “mother.” Her almost easy acceptance of his help canceled out her initial suspicion of him and this just didn’t go with her history… so things did get a bit thin for me. Like how she found herself living where she did and being taught as she was, the reasons for the same were things I found too easily accepted. And I wondered if anyone in the book acted counter to what they were told.

...Still, not new. There be a romance in this one too. (Why do I always zero in on this?) There’s a reluctance of one to be with the other. At first, this same fact read along the lines of ‘been there and done that.’ Only later to be supplanted by an “Oh, that made sense,” only not completely… because I never really bought into the why of it. Nitpicking aside, there was a sweetness to them so much so that I found myself cheering them on.

Just to be clear, I did like INCARNATE. Some things could have been fleshed out a little more, but a world filled with old souls and a new one trying to figure out her place in it, is one I enjoyed.


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Steph Sinclair So, you liked?

Isamlq Stephanie wrote: "So, you liked?"

ooh.. (I just saw this.) I did but I do wish some things were a little more clear like the temple and its pulsing walls etc or Sam and the dragons :)

message 3: by Anna (new)

Anna thanks for a clear review of pros and cons! There are too many raving 5 star reviews and I feel like they don't give me a description of what was good and what bad...

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