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Masquerade by Cambria Hebert
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Nov 07, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: supernatural, reviwed
Read from November 17 to December 11, 2011

This book is off the chain!!!!

Review is yet to come, but I'll leave you with a visual aid.
This is my face right now and for most part of the story,,

[image error]

Yep,,I've lost my ability to think straight and the words just slip from my mind,,

Reviewed on 12/16/11

You know when people say that appearances don’t matter? That a person’s interior is what it counts? Well, it’s a really sweet thought and wee feel so good about ourselves thinking that people are good and that the interior beauty is what’s important.
Well, that’s great and all, but is a load of bull,,, appearances does matter and people, most of them anyway, are shallow and treat you as good as you look.
I know that I sound cold and like I have no faith in people, but in some of them, I really don’t. And if you think I’m lying just go ask Heven and she will tell you. Ok, she really won’t cose she is not real, but if she was she totally would.

Ok,, I’m babbling again so lets get to the review so you can see what am I talking about,, LoL,,,

The Plot - A pretty and very pop girl is living her happy and shiny life like the world is all right ,, guys are all over her and she is as oblivious to the things around her as every other cheerleader….


But then, oh, something horrible happens and she becomes, well, not the belle of the ball anymore, so she started to kind of shield her self from people


She is like,, “Oh, I’m a monster, nobody will ever like me no more," Well, that was until ,, someone appears and makes her feel like no one else ever did Before and he is as hot as hell and with a smile that will melt your heart,, LoL


You can say that I like that plot,, I like it very much LoL

The Characters - They are alive, they are aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!! LoL It’s a little Frankenstein of me, but this is sooooo true. I see them and I feel like I know them too. I love this feeling and the fact that When I’m talking to my friends I keep saying, Oh, is so like when Heven did that and so my friends look at me and say, Like who? And then I remember, Oh, she is not real. LoL, well, in my head she is, but you get the picture. LoL Lets talk about the ones I like the most shall we? Kim, when Heven talks about her I see a hurricane, strong, impulsive and that sometimes can damages in a big way, but she has her heart in the right place and she doesn’t mean to. It’s just her nature and she can’t help it. Cole, I still don’t know what’s up with him, maybe in the next book I’ll figure him out LoL. Heven is a little slow on me and seeing her going around the story was pretty much like watching a baby dear learning to stand on its own, adorable + scary and a little annoying some times but you can’t help the “ohhhhh,,,” that comes with it. Sam I love him. Yeah Heven, I’m not afraid of saying it. I love Sam. I can even sing it:

Loving you is easy
Cause you're beautiful (and super duper hot)
Making love with you (prrrrrr)
Is all I wanna to do
Loving you is more than
Just a dream comes true
Cause everything that I do (every single thing)
Is out of loving you

The Writing - I’ve said this already. Cambria is the bomb and her writing is enchanting. First person perspective and I get to see trough Sam’s eyes,, Cambria, your writing got me in Sam’s POV. I love being inside his head and I really wanted to be inside his heart. Oh, crap. I just got all fangirl over this review and I really didn’t want to. Dam Cambria, look what you did to me!!!!!!!


Considerations - First I would like to say thank you Cambria for letting me read this beautiful story even before its release. Thank you!!!!!! Is really a great book and the only reason that it took me so long to read it is my lack of time and the reason that it took me sooooo long to do my review is that I had so many things to say and all of them were ginormous spoilers so I had to redo it like 20 times before I got it right LoL.
Even though I really love this book, there’s still one thing that I didn’t care so much: high school and the blab bla bla about he said, she said. This is one of those occasions that I say: I’m too old for this shit.
I get that it’s part of the story and all, but I can’t help drag myself trough that part of the story. But I can say how much I love everything after that hell was over: A LOT!!! As I said before, I’m too old for this shit, LoL


Aside from this slow part that it was just slow cose of me and my terrible memories of high school (hummpf) the story is worth the pain,, really. We see Heven evolve into a powerful girl and ,,sorry, I can’t say it cose this is the best part of the book, to read and learn and see things with Heven and just like her, to be in the dark until the magic moment when light hit you and take your breath away. I think my heart just gave a jump just thinking about it. LoL

I recommend this book to everyone that believes in love and how it can change you in the most deep and meaningful way.
I tried to be profound and stuff, but I winded up babbling, as usual,, sorry LoL
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13.0% "Kim says: Hev, come to the squad, we need you.
Hev says: Oh, yah, cheerleading,, I'm sooooo excited.......not.

15.0% "Oh, Sam,, you make my knees wobble too

[image error]"
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I'm sooooo gonna make me some bubble tea this weekend *-*"
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23.0% "Can't wait for the dance *-*

46.0% "So much going on right now,,,Sam,, prrrrr,,, Monster ,, grrrrrr,,, Hev,,, you go girrrrrrl,,,, Cole,, not sure what to say,,,,, Kimber,, WTF,, get a grip girl,, ok,, I think that covers,, LoL"
49.0% "TMI!!!! I'm freaking out men!!!! WTF? I want to kick that monster SOB on the babymaker!!! how ,, why,,,oh ,, I can't even ,,

51.0% "“My time has run out.” OH MY GOSH,, the shit just hit the vent people,,,"
100.0% "Holly Molly!!!!!"
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Veronica Morfi hehe...I was thinking the same thing!

Heidi Perfect review! I love the pics and the lines about H.S. being Hell! So funny! I miss ya girl hurry up and get unbusy!

Cereja Cult Heidi wrote: "Perfect review! I love the pics and the lines about H.S. being Hell! So funny! I miss ya girl hurry up and get unbusy!"

Ohhhhhhhh,,, thanx,,,yep,, can't wait,,, I'm dying to read Hunger Games ,, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Heidi Yeah me too lets read it together soon!

Heidi Oh and I promse I will read Soul Screamers by the end of the month!

Cereja Cult I have all the audio books :) and I saw the movie trailer,, OH MY GOOOOSH,, I've got tears in my eyes,, really,, can't wait for this series,,
Soul Screamers,, really good :) and I can say,, I did not expect the turn that this book is taking ,, not at all LoL,,

Heidi A movie?

Cereja Cult Heidi wrote: "A movie?"

yep :)
Here is the link for the trailer



Heidi Oh yeah I have seen that I thought you meant Soul Screamers as a movie.

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