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Blood Solstice by Samantha Young
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Nov 06, 2011

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Wow, I am surprised this book has an average rating of 4 plus! I started off really enjoying the series and the characters. But this last book started to ruin it for me. The romance between Caia and Lucien really started to bug me in this book because they really are quick to be dishonest and distrustful of one another. Really? If you are really truly in love with a person you would believe the best not the worst when something doesn't make sense (like when Caia gets kicked out of the pack). And Lucien publicly humiliates Caia when he kicks her out. Isn't she his mate, his other half? I just felt like they were twelve and petty instead of a young couple in love. If you don't have trust for one another then you don't have a real adult relationship.

There were so many reasons that kept them apart and by the end I just wanted to give up on them. Especially when Lucian lets Rose be around him all the time and even lets her kiss him. Yes, Hollywood seems to believe that when someone catches you off guard and kisses you that you would take a few seconds to realize what is happening and step away. Not so my friends! Have you ever had someone you didn't want to kiss try and kiss you? Well, you know that it's not hard to turn your cheek or pull your head back even a few centimeters to make a difference! If Lucien really was in love with Caia he wouldn't have let Rose, his ex, be around him in private situations unless he was secretly waiting for her to kiss him. I mean come on, she hinted at them getting together so many times is he really that stupid? I don't think so! So sad that this book didn't hold up to the others!
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Ferdy yes exactly.. It takes Lucian a whole minute before he realises what's happening.. PLEASE that's 60 seconds of them two kissing.. it doesn't take more than a few seconds to recover- not a whole minute. Caia never kisses anyone else but Lucian and Rose Kiss in this book ad the last one..he was actually a good love interest in the fisrt book, the 2nd and 3rd he's always with Rose, doesn't believe in Caia, humiliates Caia and treats her like crap. I HATE Lucian.. if he really loved Caia he would be loyal to her, not spend time with his ex lover who has even told him wants to get back together, he would suppot his mate and put her before anyone else.

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