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Miss World by Randi Black
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Nov 06, 2011

it was amazing

You know how sometimes you'll be reading a really good book, and suddenly the main character will do something so stupid that it makes you start yelling at the pages? And then you grudgingly accept that the character had to be stupid in order to move the plot along? Miss World thankfully doesn't do this to the reader. Don't get me wrong, Kim Ho does some stupid things, but no more stupid than the average teenager who is trying to figure out her life and gets in over her head. Kim Ho breaks down early in the book and the rest of the story is how she builds herself back up. The phoenix rising from the ashes is a trite metaphor, but an accurate one. I can't tell you how thrilled I was when it seemed that the story was going to veer off in a certain direction, and Kim Ho puts down her foot and says, "No! That's dumb! Not happening!" This is a book about a young girl used to being manipulated by her family, then manipulated by guys until she figures out how to love and trust herself so she'll never be manipulated again.

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