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The Road by Cormac McCarthy
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Jan 25, 12

really liked it
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Read from November 06 to 07, 2011

That was uplifting!

The Road takes place in the future when the world has been destroyed with only so many humans left. A man and his son set out on "the road" in order to get to the coast and find the "good people". Along the way, they pillage stores, homes, and sheds in search of food, weapons, and anything of use to them. However, along the road they also come across some savage survival ways of other humans. None that I care to repeat, thank you.

My husband had a hard time with this book and perhaps being that it is a father/son relationship and survival story it could very well hit home. However, while I was reading it, there would be no two questions about it, nighty-night. Night-lock anyone? If the world was ending, savage looting abound, and my two choices were to live and HOPE that nothing evil happens upon my family, or die peacefully, I would choose the latter. There is nothing worse in the world then not being able to protect your children and I certainly don't want to witness it.

Though the story is horrid to think of, the style of writing was a little impersonal. Very choppy in writing. Short paragraphs. No names of the people on the road or the two main characters. Was that so the reader felt out of sorts as well with the characters?

Otherwise, I'm not too sure how I feel about this book.


Could I have possibly missed that this book is a spiritual journey of the father and son? Much like the Exodus out of Egypt - the road ahead is bleak with not much in the way abundance. The Father instead of commiting suicide like his wife sets out on The Road, a journey not easy and certainly not one one would choose. His faith that there are good people out there on the coast and that his son and himself will find them. Though the author doesn't admit it, but the Father trusts in a higher power to get him there rather than give up and stay where he was or just die. Could it be? Or am I just reaching?


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