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Hammered by Kevin Hearne
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Nov 06, 2011

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Read in November, 2011

This one fell down a bit for me. For some reason, too many pop culture references and movie quotes in a book are beginning to bug me. I feel that they will date the book quickly, and if I haven't seen the particular movie that's being quoted, (doesn't happen often, but...) it just leaves me cold. I'm looking at you too, Jim Butcher.

I think Hearne gave us the theme in the beginning, when Atticus says that sometimes he gets a big case of Smug. He had one pretty much throughout this book, but I'd call it hubris- the pride that goes before a big fall. I suppose the hubris had to be there to set up the larger plot, but it made the lead character more unlikeable and made me less inclined to root for him. The whole frost giant/Freya thing that other reviewers have alluded to also skeeved me out, and made me think about how the author writes women in general, which just isn't that good. I've never been fond of Granuaille- the only thing that gave her any personality in this book was her Salad Shooter soliloquy, which felt like it came out of some night of drunken babbling. The Polish witches I do like, but at this point every female is a bombshell, either dangerous or benevolent. Personality given accordingly.

So, I suppose the main character had to be a big douche in order to set the rest of the plot in motion, but it still made it a less enjoyable reading experience. However, I still like some of the originality of the ideas- the Kabbalists and their group magic, the earth elementals, the different demi-deities. I'm hoping that Atticus gets his head out of his butt now that he's had serious consequences for actions, with more to come, and begins to think like a being who's survived 2000 years would actually think. He at least does try to make a plan, which does put him ahead of Harry Dresden, God love him.
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