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Forgiven by Jana Oliver
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Jun 25, 12

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Read from June 20 to 22, 2012

Jana Oliver’s Demon Trappers series has firmly rooted itself on my favourites shelf. I adored the first two books, and Forgiven, I’m pleased to say, did not fail to impress.

It felt good to be reunited with Beck and Riley after the chaos in the last book. To say Riley made a few reckless choices in Forbidden is a bit of an understatement, but she redeems herself well enough in this installment. The plot is as layered and action-packed as ever as both Heaven and Hell have their eyes set on Riley, our young demon trapper. She has a lot more on her plate than she bargained for, and it doesn’t help that her feelings are in turmoil after her encounter with the dark-haired Ori. Despite it all, she doesn’t give up. If anything, Riley is much stronger in this book than any of the others.

Beck, or Backwoods Boy as Riley likes to call him, is a central character I cannot get enough of. He is one of my favourite male characters of all time, with his southern drawl and no-nonsense attitude. I loved the complexity of his past and ached for him endlessly. Credit is due to the author here for crafting such a wonderful character, one that you cannot help but invest in emotionally. The relationship between him and Riley is an intricate one and much more mature than these things tend to be in young adult books. I was on the edge of my seat just waiting to see how things would unravel between them.

As always, the details of the demon-ridden world and the standing between hunters and trappers were entertaining to read about. There was never a dull moment. The balance of action, suspense and good old normalcy was crafted well, leaving just enough room for some witty humour. The progress in this series is quite commendable, both in terms of plot and character growth. That, if anything, is reason enough to look forward to the final book. I imagine Jana Oliver has some remaining tricks up her sleeve; as to what they are, I can only guess.

The only major aspect of this book I cannot find myself warming to is the ending. I wonder if I’m being too extreme in calling it a sort-of cliffhanger, but it did feel rather cruel to me. Hopefully things will be quickly rectified in the next installment. (They better be). Other than that, it’s safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It was an entertaining ride to the finish line and I’m already eager for more.

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Jana Oliver
“I’m not going to faint at the sight of your butt,’ she said. ‘Ya might, and I don’t want that on my conscience,’ he said, tossing the jeans aside.”
Jana Oliver, Forgiven

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Aa'Ishah Ooooh. How's it going? :)

message 2: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Pretty good so far. I really liked the first two books so hope this is just as good. :)

I know you liked the other books too. Are you planning to read this soon?

Aa'Ishah I'm glad. :)

I hope so, but the thing with me is that it's ridiculously hard to get hold of a book. My library gets nothing new, and I can't go out and buy every book I want to read. Life is cruel. ;P

message 4: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Aww I know the feeling. Wouldn't it be lovely if all books were free? ;)

If you want to borrow my copy when I'm done, just let me know!

Aa'Ishah Totally.

Wow, really? What format is it in?

message 6: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam :) It's a paperback copy. I can pop it in the post for you if you like and just send back whenever you're done.. ?

Aa'Ishah That would be great. If you're sure you don't mind?

message 8: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam It's not a problem. :) I'll let you know when I'm ready to send it out and you can give me your address then.

Aa'Ishah Ok. Thank you so much! :)))

◕ ◡ ◕  Arooj (Semi-Hiatus) My favourite part? (view spoiler)

Valeria ^^^ Oh yeah definitely the best part. And long overdue :)

message 12: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Agreed! I loved it! :)

message 13: by Jasprit (new)

Jasprit Awesome review Sam! It's good to know that you're still having fun with this series! This is another one I still need to check out! :)

message 14: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Yep, 3 books in and still going strong! i hope you'll give these books a shot one day. :)

message 15: by Cecilia (new) - added it

Cecilia R Nice review, Sam. I can't wait to read this!

message 16: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Thanks! I hope you enjoy it too. :)

message 17: by ♥Rachel♥ (new)

♥Rachel♥ You must have wrote this review while I was on vacation and only had my phone to fumble through GR and blogs on (utter torture, btw!). I love a boy/man with a southern drawl! Yum! This series sounds wonderful. Urban Fantasy? I have to try it. Maja raves about the genre. Great review Sam. :)

message 18: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam I always associate urban fantasy with Maja now! ;) This is a great series. I hope you'll give it a shot. Beck is definitely the definition of yum. ;)

I hope you had a great time on your vacation, by the way! :)

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