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Reading Women by Stephanie Staal
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Nov 14, 11

Read from November 06 to 14, 2011

I read this book for my feminist group, and there were parts of it I did find quite interesting. On the other hand, this book was written in the eighties, and there is absolutely no doubt that quite a bit of the information is... if not outdated, then I guess one could say "surpassed."

Feminist books are a growing genre, and they are improving with each book, it seems. Because this is a deeply felt part of a person (I would say woman, but I suppose there are some men who count themselves feminists.) I don't mean to slight these men, their efforts are appreciated. But, because of physical differences, not to mention brain function, quite frankly, I do doubt that there are men who can be, honestly, feminists. Men think, act and react completely differently from women. It's like Mark Twain shows in "Huckleberry Finn," when he exposes Huck who is dressed as a woman by throwing a piece of bread to the boy in skirts, lap high. When Huck goes to catch the bread, he brings his knees together. A woman spreads her knees apart, to let her skirt do the catching. It's behaviour that is so deeply ingrained in each gender, that one doesn't even think before reacting.

I've gone quite a way from discussing the above book when all I wanted to say was that, while Stephanie Staal has good intentions, and when her book initially came out, it was probably very well accepted by the feminists at that time. But the eighties are gone, and feminism is a growing organism, changing as it grows.


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message 1: by Dimity (new)

Dimity I'm really surprised to hear that this book is from the 30s because I've seen it several places on Goodreads represented as a new book.

Bondama No, Dimity, It's from the Eighties!!

message 3: by Dimity (new)

Dimity Lol, I meant to say "80s" not "30s". I got it almost right there.

Bondama Yeah,, 50 yrs or so, isn't TOO much out of the way!! :)

message 5: by Dimity (new)

Dimity My internal clock is set to geologic time ;).

message 6: by Elle (new) - added it

Elle Where are you getting the information that it's from the 80s? Just curious.

message 7: by Elle (new) - added it

Elle Actually, I'm re-reading some parts, and you're incorrect. The beginning of the book mentions 9/11 and she later mentions an iPhone. Unless some parts were written earlier, this book was indeed published recently.

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