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Finding Lubchenko by Michael Simmons
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Nov 13, 11

I loved it! The dad is horrible—a man that should never have had a kid. He is stingy and mean and verbally abusive and wants Evan to 'pull himself up by his bootstraps'. He refuses to gives him money or help. Evan is extremely entrepreneurial and finds a way to make money by 'borrowing' equipment from his Dad's business and selling it. The reader never feels squeamish about this illegal activity because he is only stealing from his father who should have been helping Evan or at least showing him some kind of fatherly love—which he doesn't. Evan is really a decent kid and devises a plot to get his Dad off the hook for a murder he is being falsely accused of. Of course, he is also trying to save his own ass by keeping his illegal activities from being discovered by the authorities. It is a great adventure story but told through the thoughts of kid who makes wrong decisions all the time.

What I like most is the writer's style. There are often short sentences. "And then I started to feel guilt. First, I felt surprise. Next, pity. I had bought the tickets to Paris. We were leaving the next day. Everything was set. But as I saw my dad sitting there looking depressed and talking about my mother, I felt like the worst guy in the world for not just turning over the laptop and letting way more qualified people pursue all this. I mean, what kind of bastard was I? It was one thing to steal computers from my dad's company. But letting him stay in this situation any longer than he had to was just so rotten of me. Rotten. Terrible. Unforgivable. I didn't know what to do. Not at all.'

The other thing I liked about the book was the two friends he dragged into his criminal activity and took on his great adventure to Paris. They made an interesting trio and showed great friendship even under duress.

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