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Holding the Dream by Nora Roberts
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Nov 06, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in May, 2013 — I own a copy , read count: 3

Holding the Dream, the 2nd book in Nora Roberts Dream series continues with the story of Kate Powell, cousin and adopted daughter of the Templeton family.

Kate is smart, focused, totally goal-orientated and practical and nothing like the beautiful and glamorous Margo, who we met in Daring to Dream, now happily married to Josh and expecting their baby and not a dreamer like the sweet Laura, who finally divorced her cheating and thief of a husband and struggling with bringing up her two beautiful daughters.

Kate’s work is her life – neat, tidy, organized - and is looking forward to her promotion in the auditing company she works for. So who cares that she forgets to eat or that she eats Tums like …a lot of them. It’s all part of her dream. Making the family proud of her accomplishments.

Finding out the truth about her dead parents and accused of embezzling her clients, suddenly finds her world crashing around her.

Trying to deal with all the fall-outs, she begins working at the boutique that she’s a partner with Margo and Laura, and soon driving them crazy with her “management” style of the store. I loved the interaction and banter between the three. You feel the love and loyalty between them as strongly as they weather yet another obstacle in their lives.

Byron de Witt, sexy gorgeous and fabulous, is now working for the Templeton’s looking after their hotels in California. Kate is certainly not the kind of women he’s attracted to and he’s certainly not her favorite guy either – how can anyone trust a man who looks like him!!!!

Byron finds himself unexpectedly attracted to the prickly Kate…and being a loyal and honorable man he’s soon doing everything to help her clear and name and at the same time helping her in other ways…her health and of course her love life!!!![image error] photo images15_zps33780815.jpg

She slowly begins opening up to Byron and I was laughing my head off here….she’s totally into him but no way will she give up her control in the relationship….and when he tells her he loves her!!!!!!!! I was rolling on the floor!!! I did that a lot in this story…….. I loved her transformation from “no boobs” to the secrets of push-up bras and wearing sexy clothes and having fab biceps. Running on the beach!!! [image error][image error]
Having great and hot and smoldering sex!!!!
[image error] photo a23845c0331cbbeab105ac81f6f5229a_zpsb8c4adaa.jpg  photo Breach1_zpsc54dbbc7.jpg
And the first time she cooks dinner for Byron - wearing an apron!!!!!! [image error][image error]
Byron, you are a truly fabulous and amazing man… playing an incredible this lovely transformation of Kate’s!!!!

It’s the sassy, sparkly, witty and lively dialogue that just makes Nora Roberts’s books so so enjoyable.
Here are just some lines I found truly memorable:

You’re not beautiful," he said in a quiet statement that made her brow knit. "Why do you look beautiful when you’re not?"
"How much of that wine did you drink, De Witt?"
"Your face is wrong." As if to prove it to himself, he came around the counter for a closer look. "It’s like whoever put it together used a couple of spare parts from someone else’s."
"This is all very fascinating," she said impatiently, "But-"
"At first glance your body looks like it belongs to a teenage boy, all arms and legs."
"Thank you very much, Mr. Universe. Have you finished your unsolicited critique of my looks?"

“I think I’m beginning to like you, Kate. You are, I believe, an acquired taste, and I've always enjoyed odd flavors.”
“That’s quite a statement. My heart’s going pitty-pat.”

“How often does this happen?”
“None of your business.” She yelped in pain and shock when he pressed two fingers to her abdomen.
“Do you have your appendix?”
“Keep your hands off me Dr Feelgood.”

The character development is really great – these are people that have become your friends, with real obstacles that have you rooting for them.

I loved Kate’s story and I am feeling kind of sad that the next book, which will be about Laura, will be the time to say goodbye to these friends.
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