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Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber
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Nov 06, 2011

did not like it

The writing was decent, I loved the era and the setting, I thought the author did it justice but the plot is still poorly done. When you really think about it, we all know books have to have high stakes. There was no real stake for our heroine at all. She got drawn in by the painting, the only reason she helps is because she feels a certain pull to the ridiculously attractive lord and thus must help him (Honestly, what if he was butt ugly? Different situation entirely).

If our MC chose not to act, she could have easily walked away with no consequence. I guess her motivation aside from her attraction to oh-so-gorgeous guy is also because she's lonely as she's a mute. It's nice for her to be involved and feel appreciated.

Although it does become ridiculous how she's the only person able to go into the painting and converse with Jonathan, and it's also too far-fetched that in the painting she can miraculous talk again which helps her in real life.

Also, the book is written in the diary style which puts a distance from the actual conflict. You won't actually be worried for the MC because you know she'll be fine. I mean she can't give us the end if she's dead right? Someone has to write the thing.

There are many accounts of our MC's nightmares, which is probably supposed to be the scariest and most exciting bit. But too bad I found it inane along with the subplot of her mother. I guess we're supposed to worry about the bad guys in this case right? But you'll be surprised how easily the MC manages to deal with the problem and get the body back. (view spoiler)

I found it surprising that there seems to be a sequel. Out of no where we just get one mention how there is a society and therefore there is more danger to be had. I don't think it's really enough for another book.

The main character was somewhat interesting (although I already forgot her name...) but in the end her and Jonathan's romance fell flat. I mean they only like each other because they need each other's help. The only thing attractive about Jonathan is his handsomeness, but he's very one dimensional and the only thing we know about him is how he wants to be a doctor which I assume is supposed to make us like him and show us his compassion and deep-soul. He also comes across as silly/stupid with how he got into the whole mess in the first place. Honestly, I can't buy into it. (view spoiler)

This book is set around the 1880s and propriety was stern then. But once you get our MC into the painting and get some action with the sexy-dude, man these ladies don't have much control after all. What is wrong with our naive heroines turning out to be not so naive?

Disappointing novel after all. Not once was it believable or clever or brave.
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message 1: by Liv (new) - rated it 3 stars

Liv Chanin I agree with you completely. I felt like all of the characters were made of cardboard, even Natalie.

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