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Darkness Falls by Cate Tiernan
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** spoiler alert ** Nastasya is a powerful immortal, more than 400 years old. She has come to River’s Edge to make peace with her past in a community of other immortals who are struggling with a host of problems. Think: rehab for immortals. Accustomed to living frivolous and violent lives, these recovering beings are attempting to learn how to be human again and how to live good, honest lives. Nastasya is uncomfortable in her own skin, and lately everything seems to be going wrong. She keeps having visions of her former best friend, Incy. When she casts out her darkness at their New Year’s celebration, Nas believes she has taken the first steps on the path to wellness. But soon after she is reunited with Incy and her past, and finds herself thrilled to be swept up in her former life. Thrilled until she discovers that Incy is using his power to steal power from others – draining humans and immortals alike to make himself stronger. This is dark magic at its worst. By the time she discovers this, it is too late to save the lives of her friends Kate and Boz, and nearly too late for herself. River’s quick intervention, and Nastasya’s own slapdash attempts to defend herself with her own formidable (but untrained) power are all that keeps Incy from doing his worst.

Although "Darkness Falls" is the second book in this series, it is a decent standalone story (I haven’t read the first book). Nastasya is a funny, if self-deprecating, character and many of her comments and insights (when she isn’t feeling too sorry for herself) are quite entertaining. This really does read like a diary of someone’s recovery from addiction – with all of the accompanying self-doubt and (inevitable) relapses. Although this is published for a teen audience (and some teens will probably enjoy it), Nastasya is an adult character, with adult (and waaaay beyond adult; immortal, even) problems. This will likely appeal more to older teens and adults who like their fantasy dark and a little scary, with a hint of steamy romance in the making.

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