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I Am the Wallpaper by Mark Peter Hughes
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Nov 05, 2011

really liked it
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I Am The Wallpaper is a story of thirteen year-old Floey Packer and her summer of trying to, essentially, change herself, so she can stop “being the wallpaper.”
Honestly, I would now only rate this about 4 stars after re-reading it, but a year ago, as a thirteen year old, I did think this book was just about the best thing since sliced bread. A part of it ran true to me, I think, because I did, most of the time, feel like the wallpaper, always going unnoticed and unheard (and I think this is still rather true).
The book is a quick read; I read it in one day the second time around. I would recommend it to girls around Floey's age, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen. I know the girl on the cover looks much older – she's only supposed to be thirteen.
The good think about I Am The Wallpaper is that it does make you feel something. I was annoyed when Floey was, saw the unfairness of situations just like she did, and the characters were definitely strong. My thirteen year-old self had a huge crush on Wen, one of Floey's love interests, and I still do find him very likable (not that much changes in only a year). What really is great though, is the problems Floey has with her friends – the fights, the “betrayals,” everything that goes on when you're thirteen. And although I did find myself getting a bit mad at Floey, she is a likeable protagonist for the vast majority of the book.
I especially like the way haiku poems were incorporated in the story, as well as the diary entries. They both gave the book some depth.
If I liked this book enough to go and re-read it, it definitely means it's good. It is a favorite of mine.

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