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The President's Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth
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Nov 05, 11

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Read in November, 2011

I like vampires. I like political thrillers. I like action. Then why did this book leave me with the feeling of "meh"? I finished "The President's Vampire" in one evening, and about halfway through I actually stopped to turn to the front and see if it was a Young Adult title. Why? The characters felt very flat. I never cared about what happened to any of them- they were just there to hang the plot on.

Cade was annoyingly weak when it served the plot (?he can dodge bullets but is badly wounded in a fight with a single lizard man?). The lizard-men reminded me of nothing more than the Sleezstack from 70's TV show, "Land of the Lost"- but with more teeth! Cade's handler, Zach, seems a bit dense to me...for someone who used to be a politico, why does he continue to miss obvious clues? Bell, the only human female character is ridiculously drawn up as the typical adolescent boy's dream: a woman who will fall into bed with a man at the first chance and then laugh it off. As soon as the author introduced her, I knew she was going to be the 'sidekick/girlfriend' and probably get killed off at some point (and I was right!). Graves, our mastermind villain, wasn't as frightening or villainous as I thought he should be. The most interesting characters in the book were the ones who were given only a page or two of background info before they were turned into lizard-men: the soldier at the Marine base who sees the first lizard-men attacking; the doctor on the hospital ship who is infected and later turns into a lizard-(wo)man, etc..

And the plot? Nothing surprising there either. If this book were a movie it would be one of those straight-to-video shows where you know what's going to happen about 10 minutes before it occurs.

Maybe I was expecting more since I didn't read the first book in the series. Despite all the flaws of this book, it was a quick and easy read so I gave it two stars.

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Adrion Saenz Blood Oath was a better read. The characters and their histories are fully explained and it seemed to be better researched as well. It's a much fuller book and a fun read. This one was a bit hollow to me.

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