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Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck
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Jan 05, 12

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Read from January 03 to 05, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I know why Ren doesn't remember Kelsey, but I don't understand why he feels pain when he touches her or when he is near he for too long. Surely that will come to light later in the book.

I think Durga has plans for Kishan, cause in Tiger's Quest she found favor with him in some way or another, and then Phet made him the Soma for him to drink. That is where I see it leading anyway.

I was a little...ok maybe more than a little...upset when I read Tiger's Quest cause Ren couldn't remember Kelsey and that whole mess. Well now I almost think that they are lucky in a way that get to experience that new love feeling all over again or at least Ren does cause for Kelsey I think its just renewed. I mean they get all the butterflies and tummy flips again really how lucky they are.

WHY WHY WHY do men think by proctecting the woman they love and its the best thing for them is to be a JERK!!??!! *BIG SIGH* Hopefully he will pull his head out soon.

And I don't like Wes, yes he gave her good advice on her relationship with the two brothers but I'm very leary of him. I don't know sometimes I can be too suspicious I guess we'll see.

And also while think it is a good idea that she maybe...*cringe*...sees where her realtionship with Kishan might lead, just so she can get out of her system so she and everybody else (REN!)can see that she doesn't belong with him she belongs with Ren. I don't want her to. No definitely not!

*BIG BIG SIGH* What an emontional roller coaster!!!! First there together then he breaks up...then she breaks up...back and forth...UGH!!!...so frustrating. I still understand it's a necessary evil, this whole thing, keeping the tention and all that, but I still hate it. And love triangles hate them too!!

The realms with the dragons were really cool. And the gold dragon was hilarious!!! I wonder if Kelsey is immortal now that she took that milk stuff? Hmmm... something to think about.

And I knew that Lokesh would try to capture Kelsey, and I figured he would succeed, I heard the ending was a cliff hanger (like Tiger's Quest wasn't enough of one), so what would leave me hanging by my finger nails but by Lokesh catching her. And where did Mr. Kadam and Nilima go, that was strange.

Now we have to wait till Sept (at least it's not 2013) for Tiger's Destiny. I'm alot scared for Kelsey in the next book. I don't want to think about what that evil SOB will do to her, and how long will it take for the boys to find her. Again necesssary evils. All I can do is bide my time untill Kelsey kicks Lokesh's evil butt. Also Kelsey will wait till the last possible second before it's too late to remember what Lady Silkworm said about trusting the one she loves.

I still think that Durga has designs on Kishan, she is way to instrested in him, and he drank the Soma and the oracle thing, yeah something is up on that end. And I wonder what Kishan had to talk with Ren when they took Kelsey to her room the night before everything hit the fan, I wonder if it has any relevance to anything?

I just love this series!!!


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