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The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan
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Dec 03, 2011

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bookshelves: young-adult, fantasy
Read in December, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This was a fine book. I think I liked the first one better. Too much time devoted in this book to the minutia of battle and swordplay and such. Also, in this book it's driven home how many of these characters I feel I've seen before in another book or on a TV show. Halt=Gibbs on NCIS. Morgarath is like a cross between Malfoy and Voldemort. Gilan reminded me of Tony from NCIS.
the cultures within the world are rather derivative too..Skandians, wearing horned helmets and using great wolf ships? I can't tell if he means Celtica to be Irish or Scottish, or maybe Welsh (with all the mining), but still...I haven't gotten to Nihon-ja yet, but it sounds remarkably like Japan.
that doesn't mean it's a BAD book. the plot may not be brilliant, but it's pretty sound. the characters may not be original, but they are likable or unlikable, appropriate to their role in the story. Will is a nice kid, and Evanlynn is spunky and brave. Alyss is my favorite, though. I think there's more to her than meets the eye, which is an element sorely lacking in these books. The only surprise I had in this book was Morgarath's fate. I wasn't expecting that. I figured that story would go on forever in the series, rather like Voldemort.
it's perhaps most telling that I was not yet finished with this book when it came due from the library, and I seriously pondered simply returning it and not bothering to finish it at all. I obviously did decide eventually to renew it, but it wouldn't have bothered me not to finish it, and that's unusual for me. I doubt I'll read the rest of the series, unless I run out of other options, which seems highly unlikely.

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