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Blow Me by Lennie Ross
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Nov 04, 2011

it was ok

I actually got this book as an official review book and as such, it came with a couple of publicity letters courtesy of the publisher/editor/PR office. These missives focused mainly on how Ross' book was an attempt to describe how horrible, shallow and materialistic the dating scene is in L.A. especially in regards to women who're approaching or have crested the 40-year hill. Ross actually summarizes the overall issues very neatly by writing, "Men in their forties wanted girls in their twenties, men in their fifties and sixties wanted women in their thirties and absolutely nobody wanted a woman in her forties -- except the odd twenty-year old with a cougar fantasy."

Unfortunately, no matter what the PR missives say, the only thing Ross manages to do is reinforce the stereotype that a woman needs a man in order to make anything of herself--especially if she happens to be over forty. The book follows the antics of three sort-of friends, Dawn, Chloe and Skye, as they wander the barren landscape of the LA dating scene, intent on scoring rich husbands. Ross tries to blame the feminist movement for warping the expectations of women by promising them they can "have it all," but it's hard to see how these women could ever amount to anythiing significant when all they do is trade sex for dinner and clothes, have arguments over who gets to flirt with the cute guys they meet at the gym/bar and then telling the same cute guys to "blow me" when the guys try to pick them up. Mixed messages much?

The worst part of all is that some of the women appear to have actual marketable talents, yet for some reason these talents are never realized until a couple of rich men show up and "help" them to realize their full potential. Wow, way to slingshot women back to the 1950's. Sheesh.

Ross does have a good pacing to her writing (which is the only reason I'm not giving this book one star) and there's always something happening so even if you're totally disgusted by the shallow antics of the main characters you can't help but turn the page to see what happens next.
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