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Die for Me by Amy Plum
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Mar 22, 2012

really liked it
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I think I remember seeing somewhere that author Amy Plum was inspired to write "Die for Me" after seeing the Twilight movies. By the time I saw that, I already had a copy of "Die for Me", which I had won in a Book Perk survey contest (thank you, Harper Collins, for providing the prize). I do have to admit I was most intrigued by the gorgeous cover, the tag line; by the time I sat down to start this book a few days ago, I'm not really sure that I knew what it was about. Angels? Vampires? Werewolves?

It turns out, not exactly any of these things.

"Die for Me" could be defined as a hybrid of of angels and zombies, which turns out to be a really cool concept. Vincent Delacroix, our heroine's love interest, is a revenant. He is one of a very small group of individuals that has a very unique calling. He dies over and over again, after saving a human's life, and then goes into a sort of death coma for 3 days. Then he reawakens, at the exact same age as he was when his human life ended. The revenants have the ability to age, but only if they can fight the compulsion to sacrifice their life for another. In contrast, there are also beings called numas, who intricately work to get humans to betray one another.

In "Die for Me", we encounter both types of beings, and that there are personal vendettas between a few of them, which causes quite a few problems for Kate Mercier, Vincent's human love interest.

I enjoyed "Die for Me" quite a bit more than I had anticipated. I love that the setting is not in the United States, but I wish that Plum had provided more description of the Paris setting. We get such a limited view of it through Kate's eyes, just the few eating establishments that she visits, the home of Jean-Baptiste (a revenant that has managed to age into his 60's or 70's), and the Catacombs. I loved the description of the latter, and hope that there is more of that type of setting in future books.

I liked Kate, but she is kind of a loner. She is well-read and has interests in the arts and dance, but has no social life with classmates, and only associates with the revenants and her life-of-the-party sister, Georgia. There are a few mentions of Kate being at school, but we never actually get to see her in a classroom setting. I want to see how she interacts with her people other than Georgia and the revenants. I guess I should thank Plum for not writing a human love interest possibility for Kate, however.

On to the revenants. All of the revenants that we encounter (Vincent, Jules, Charlotte, Charles, etc.) seem to have very tragic endings to their human lives. I loved getting a glimpse of who they were before they became revenants. Charlotte and Jules are my favorites of this group. I think that if I were in Kate's position, my leanings would be in Jules's direction. He obviously has some interest in her, and I am hoping that Plum will not do what so many other authors have done and throw her into Jules's arms.

So if you are looking for a change of pace from vampires, werewolves, and fallen angels, you may want to give "Die for Me" a shot.
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Wendy Darling Hah, once again we are at odds. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! I feel like I wade through so many mediocre books looking for one I'll even like, let alone love.

Jennifer Jensen (Literally Jen) We agreed on the same problems with the book, though: she needs to add more description and Kate needs some interests and friends.

I'm reading Envy next; already started, even though I've eaten one bite of dinner and now it's getting cold.

Can someone start a 12-step program for how to separate oneself from GR for an hour?

message 4: by J Leigh (new)

J Leigh Bralick You know, I was going to call a group of characters in Subverter "revenants" but decided against it when I realized how frequently the term is used in video games...LOL Maybe it's a good thing I didn't. This is the first I've heard of this book, and while I think it sounds pretty intriguing, I'm not going to read it for a while yet. I'm not exactly going to say why.

Jennifer Jensen (Literally Jen) I think I have an idea of why, and I totally understand! ;-)

message 2: by J Leigh (new)

J Leigh Bralick Hah...yes, well...keep it to yourself, young lady...;-)

Jennifer Jensen (Literally Jen) *zips lips and hands you the key*

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