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A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
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Nov 04, 2011

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Perfect Blood is more a collage of ‘SITUATIONS’ as opposed to a fresh cohesive UF novel. I won’t say I was disappointed, it was more like resolved. I like this series but I have never really trusted it. What do I mean by trust? I mean that Rachael doesn’t seem to change or grow unless the people around her do so. I am also disenchanted with how Rachael’s love life is portrayed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay for a UF hero/heroine to go it alone, example Harry Dresden. It’s also okay to find love with the perfect kick-ass partner, example Night Huntress Cat and Bones. Straddling the fence with multiple partners through 9 books is unforgivable. The main reason it bothers me is because Rachael seems to desire love outside of friendship. Her internal dialog practically screams – ‘what about me’?


The Bad Guys
The demons are still around and remain the most fertile source of mayhem. Although they aren’t a major part of Perfect Blood, their story is obviously not over. That’s a plus for me. The newly minted Bad Guys for this installment are an assortment of alphabet acronym groups bringing dark conspiracies, hidden agendas, shadow operatives, and a direction that didn’t work for me overall. Rachael, of course, got the short straw and became the focus of all varied Alphabet Soup gangs. Yeah, there was some danger but it came and went so that the story could focus on things like making coffee, eating pizza, washing dishes, ect. You know, the kind of stuff that keeps Sookie Stackhouse books on fire.

New Friends
The staples are present along with a few new strays. Rachael makes a new friend while she is in the hands of the Bad Guys. There is also a master vamp puppeting another female vamp so he can participate in the investigation. Of course Ivy and Rachael can’t work with this scenario so they add crazy vampire girl to their list of people to fix. There is a new werewolf bodyguard living in the attic of the church. I already forgot his name.

Old Friends
Jenx is the one constant I always enjoy. Ivy will always love Rachael and as series readers, we will see one face or another of this relationship whether we want to or not. Ceri is still playing wet nurse and Ms. Shadowlane in Trent’s household. Somehow Ceri remains Rachael’s dear friend while shacking up with the man she knows Rachael wants. Yeah, I am not amused by that relationship. Glenn is still with Ivy and his roommate Darryl whom I totally don’t remember from the earlier book Rachael picked her up in (another stray basically). Pierce is still missing (sigh) but he is alive. Al finds his way back into the story and won my heart with his fun and games.

I have wanted to see Rachael and Trent hook-up for too long now. I have run out of patience with the whole thing. Granted Trent showed Rachael more of who he is as a person while Rachael made a point of making sure the relationship never moved an inch forward.

She is without question a great demon-witch but sucks as a woman. She doesn’t even play with Trent and Ceri’s babies. Which makes no sense because she has such a big heart for everything including baby gargoyles.

Bottomline, this one did nothing for me. I don’t know where the series goes from here. I can guess a few things but don’t want to think on it anymore.

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Teresa B. I'm only on page 50 but something seems off and I'm not feeling it either..new charactors which do nothing for me

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