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Night Shift by Stephen King
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Nov 04, 2011

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Read in November, 2011

Jerusalem's Lot : 2/5
I haven't read Salem's Lot, but since it's a prequel, I guessed it would be OK to read this. Well, it was alright, well-written, but it feels too much like a prequel, it sets the mood, but all we expect is for the real thing to start, and it ends there.

Graveyard Shift : 3/5
This one is really creepy. I'm not afraid of (view spoiler), but here it's something different that encountering a small one in broad daylight, well paced, very nice.

Night Surf : 1/5
Maybe it's just me, but I find post apocalyptic situations interesting only when they are explained in details. To me, there could hardly be anything more banal than what King's written here. Sure there's a tiny bit of reflection, but really, nothing much.

I Am The Doorway : 2/5
This is a weird one. What the character must be feeling reminds me of (view spoiler), and it's very strange. Maybe too strange, at the end, I was only half satisfied. It's fine to have an open ending or not to explain a big part of the story at all (especially in a short story), but what interested me the most (view spoiler) wasn't given enough importance by neither the story nor the characters.

The Mangler : 4/5
After the first page, I really didn't expect it to be good, since we're supposed to be afraid of a (view spoiler), but quickly it got very exciting, maybe a bit silly (view spoiler), but quite intense.

The Boogeyman : 3/5
This one is a little far-fetched, but still enjoyable. Definitely feels like the kind of stories you could hear told by a friend at night around a fire. It builds the suspense nicely, makes you sympathize with the character, and surprises you with the ending. Pretty good.

Gray Matter : 5/5
Wow. It starts off realistic for a while, and quickly it gets crazy, but only if you've of got a crazy mind. For this is the kind of story no movie adaptation could do justice, it's all about your imagination, and Stephen King gives just enough details to make it perfect. It's only a short story and almost nothing happens in it, but within only a few pages I was swallowed in it, eating every word. Excellent.

Battleground : 4/5
I don't know where he gets his ideas, but this one is pure genius. I expected anything to happen but this. Full of action, disturbing events... So much fun !

Trucks : 2/5
A little too simple. This one I think I might better appreciate the movie adaptation, because it's all about the tension coming from what the characters constantly see, which can be amplified with cinema techniques, but don't come out very impressive in this short story (view spoiler).

Sometimes They Come Back : 4/5
For a long time I was wondering if anything was going to be explained at all and expected a cheap ending. And although it ends a little odd (view spoiler), it wraps things up not too badly. The rest of the story is very well written and very immersive : even considering the incredible amount of weird stuff that happens, you're kept wondering and in suspense. Very good.

Strawberry Spring : 1/5
I felt this one was very uninspired... It doesn't really sets the mood so well, there's not much character development, the story is nothing special, and even the ending I had kind of already figured out, not that it's that great a ending anyway, for this type of story.

The Ledge : 4/5
This one feels like the ending of a long action movie, the final confrontation between the hero and the villain. And although we don't know much about the two characters, the story is cool, full of suspense, and I found it pretty exciting.

The Lawnmower Man : 4/5
Stephen Kind is insane... I mean, who in their right man would come up with that ? It's crazy. What is this ? It sure is disturbing, but... yikes ! Not that another short of this book like "Gray Matter" is any saner, but in The Lawnmower Man, it hits you when you least expect it.

Quitters, Inc. : 1/5
I'm sorry, but this one is completely stupid. Doesn't make much sense, has silly behaviors from the characters, and even the ending sucks. The style of writing is fine, but the story is really bad.

I Know What You Need : 2/5
When you pretty much figure out everything in the first few pages, the rest of the story kind of fells a bit flat...

Children of the Corn : 5/5
That's what I call horror. And even better, it goes just as far to keep it in the "that could really happen" category, which is of course very disturbing. What can I say ? Sure the story and background aren't fully developped, but it's not important in this case, the drama is the most important, and it sure does deliver.

The Last Rung on the Ladder : 3/5
I thought this one lacked a little something. I liked it, the whole childhood part was interesting, but all this for an ending a bit rushed, and with a theme I'm not very understanding of.

The Man Who Loved Flowers : 2/5
This one is sick. Especially with the way it starts. But in the end it's not very satisfying or very original...

One for the Road : -/5
Didn't read it since it's a sequel to "Salem's Lot", which I haven't read yet.

The Woman in the Room : 1/5
Not only it feels a little out of place in this book (view spoiler), but isn't very interesting in itself. I really appreciated movies such as (view spoiler) that share the same topic, but here, it only got me in a pessimistic mood...

So there is a little bit of everything in this collection, good, average, and not so good. Overall, I liked it.
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