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Heart of Darkness by Lauren Dane
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Nov 06, 11

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Heart of Darkness by Lauren Dane
Bound by Magick, book 1

I absolutely loved this book!!!

Lauren Dane has created a story with a lot of the elements I love. A great story / plot, romance, suspense, action, and oh so sexy. Dane puts us in a world where Vampires and Were have come out of the closet… so to speak, but witches still remain a secret. There are different types of witches and the most powerful of them are the council witches especially after they find and bond with their bond-mate. There are different clans across the country and Clan Owen in Seattle is the focus of our story.

Meriel Owen is sexy, smart, funny, independent, protective, ambitious, confident, and is a kick-ass powerful witch who is next in line to run Clan Owen. Meriel is an attorney, and after finding out that the new club in town Heart of Darkness has been stealing power from Clan Owen’s font to strengthen his wards at the club, she heads to the club to handle the situation with the owner. As she comes face to face with the club owner Dominic Bright, the sparks start to fly… literally. Dominic is a smart businessman, a sharp dresser, a brawler, protective, possessive, and damn sexy! There are some surprises in store as far as Dominic is concerned, some good, some bad. Meriel and Dominic were so much fun to read, the chemistry was great between them and they balanced each other out so nicely. Whatever situations arise, they seem to give each other a different perspective on things instead of seeing things one sided. One of the things I liked most about Dominic was that he has no issues learning new things about his magick, and learning from women. It was fun seeing a woman being the dominant power too.

As the story unfolds there are “stuck” witches causing all sorts of problems. (the stuck witches would be the equivalent of a rogue vampire) Witches across the country are turning up dead or missing. These stuck witches have teamed up with mages and some humans and are siphoning magick from witches for the addiction of the stuck witches. Now they have shown up in Seattle and the Owen Clan must take them out before one of their own gets hurt, or killed.

Let me give props to the great cast of secondary characters as well; Simon, Nell, and Edwina, and Tim, they were a great compliment to the story.

I enjoyed this book so much, in fact it was my first ever Lauren Dane book, and definitely won’t be my last. Lauren Dane has gained a new fan, and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.
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11/04/2011 page 25
8.0% "Dominic Bright in the flesh was a punch to the gut. A sensory wallop of total and unbelievable hotness. -Lauren Dane (Helloooo Dominic)"
11/04/2011 page 46
15.0% "He was so freaking hot. Long and tall, stylish. All the expensive clothes in the world couldn't hide the very real fact that he was a predator though. He'd look delicious in a tux, but the brawler within would always be there, hinting at the edges. -Lauren Dane"
11/05/2011 page 100
33.0% "This is my first ever Lauren Dane book....Finally!! I like it! :)"
11/06/2011 page 166
55.0% "I have a bad feeling......." 6 comments
11/06/2011 page 208
68.0% "She made everything better. Even as she laid him bare and saw him down to the bone, she accepted him."
11/06/2011 page 213
70.0% "I want you with me Meriel. Tampons and coffee habit included. (*sigh*more this is the guy after my heart!) Lol!"
11/06/2011 page 226
74.0% ""I got her number. She's a fucking amateur wearing a costume of a powerful witch. She will not get in because you are mine and that is that. She can't best me. Not ever. I am badass, Dominic. I know most people don't know it, but you better believe it. I will tear her apart when I find her. You can bet on that. I. Am. Not. Having. This." - Lauren Dane (Meriel)" 2 comments
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Rhonda I think so, there's plenty of sexy bits. Lol!!

Rhonda The story is good too, but I know you like the smexy stuff, and there's good-n-plenty! :-P

Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog) Damn. I better not lag then. I need to make sure I'm ok on time for Immortal rider.
so, I better finish, GH. And I cant get to this. ty

message 6: by Crazy4more (new) - added it

Crazy4more I've read a few of Lauren Dane's series and loved it all. She writes compelling storyline and rich characters. I'll put this on my TBR list. Thanks.

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R Woooo BEBE! This review did not disappoint! *winks* hehehehe

great review chickie!

U know this is already on my list of books to read =)

Rhonda That LOOOONG ass list??? LMAOO!

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R ROTFLMAO!!! Yes.....*shys away* I'll get to it soon I swear! hahaha

message 10: by Ren (new) - added it

Ren Rhonda, I buy this and read it right now. Dominic make me swoon! <3 (and fact that Lauren Dane said he like Michael Fassbender, just make me more swoon!)

Rhonda Ren, I liked it.... Obviously...... :-)
I hope you do too.

message 12: by Ren (new) - added it

Ren Rhonda wrote: "Ren, I liked it.... Obviously...... :-)
I hope you do too."

You know I really love Lauren Dane's Brown Sibling, so I have a feeling I will like this too =)

Rhonda This was my first L.D. book, and won't be my last. :)

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