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Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh
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Nov 03, 2011

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The Good
Yup, you read right. Dmitri got his own book. And boy what a book it was. Dmitri's story is filled with darkness, sadness, and ruthlessness. In Archangel's Blade we find out why Dmitri has no softness, no love, and no mercy. His past still haunts him and he cannot let it go, which becomes obvious in the many flashbacks throughout the novel.

Then we have Honor. She has also gone through a horrible experience, which has caused her to become a fearful shell of what she once was. But, as a Hunter, she learns to fight like she did in that nightmare room of pain. And she starts to find her strength while working with Dmitri on a case. But more frighteningly, she starts to have feelings for Dmitri. And Dmitri can't deny the pull he feels towards Honor.

This couple is cute. They help each other beat their past demons. It was a tough road, but you couldn't help but admire how these two came together. It took time, patience, and acceptance. And it was all worth it.

In the book, we get to catch up with some other characters, like Raphael, Elena, and Illium. But the story with Holly, the only survivor of Uram's phsychotic rampage, is for sure going to be a great future book (I hope).

The Bad
Personally I didn't really feel Dmitri's love for Honor. In Dmitri's flashbacks, the love we saw between him and his wife was so much more raw, intament, enticing. I wish the relationship between Honor and Dmitri was more built up throughout the novel. Singh may have told me Dmitri loved Honor, but she never really showed it in a way to make it believable.

Though the flashbacks were fascinating as they were horrific, they were way to often. It kind of stopped the flow for me.

There were two seperate climaxes and neither were that great.

The Snuggly
Surprisingly not as much sex scenes as you would expect for a Dmitri story. Don't get me wrong. We get a lot of sex, but all of it was actually needed to move the story along. None of it was uneccessary. I actually expected half the book to be sex, lol.

I almost gave this book four stars, but I had to bump it down because I was not as emotionally invested with this couple as I could have been. Singh missed the mark there. But I did enjoy reading it and will for sure continue the series.

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