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In Honor by Jessi Kirby
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Nov 03, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from October 30 to November 02, 2011

The Writing: I know I said this about Kirby's first novel Moonglass, but it must be stated again: She is a great writer plain and simple! I say this after just finishing another book that I would consider a great story but the author seemed "new"- to use a word that expresses the same effort that they had put into their writing. The dialog felt dry and full of exposition, there was no feeling of getting lost in a scene and I felt as if I was actually standing over the authors shoulder reading it as she punched the lackluster letters on her keyboard-I was defiantly not immersed in the story and found myself distracted by the actual words on the page. I hate that! Authors can at times bore you to tears with a page by describing useless information and filling it with unimportant dialog. I absolutely loath that! How do these people get published and what was the editor thinking?!
Kirby on the other hand, can take what other's seem to bungle, and instead wrap it up with poetic conciseness that keeps the story moving, the reader fully enveloped in the moment and all the while you feel as if you are cruising along at a nice easy pace. She writes in such a way that you truly believe the characters point of view and experiences. If she is describing grief, nervousness, the scenery on the road or what it's like to see a place for the first time, you feel like this must have been how Kirby felt in her own life to write with such a sense of authentic trueness. Her word imagery pulls you into a scene that is easy to visualize complete with emotion and the necessary details to keep you turning the page. As my 60-something year old retired father said when he read one of Kirby's novel "That girl's a professional alright".

Family Is Where Your Heart Is: Kirby paints a picture of the older brother every girl always wanted-Someone who was always looking out for them, but not willing to make a big deal out of it; The kind of brother that every mother imagines her son to be when she finds out that her first child will be a boy-A defender of the family. I believe this aspect appeals to most of us out there either because we've always wanted that or never really had it. I also love that Finn and Rusty had their own family bond even though they were just friends. In life you don't always get to pick your family members, but true friends can more than make up for gaps left by the unfortunate events that can happen in life. This message is woven through out the book as Rusty and Honor's odyssey unfolds revealing a closeness that surprises them both.

The Crush: The crush aspect of this story makes me so awkward and nervous, I might as well have had a crush on Rusty myself. I love the fact the Honor knows him all to well, but just can't help herself from letting her thoughts get the best of her. I love Rusty's cockiness mixed with the realization that this is not the 8 year old little sister that use to follow them around BUT that he still holds onto the respect he has for his best friends little sister. That kind of self control is so far off from the "I want it NOW" generation we are all a part of and if we don't write down in books, how will future generations know the importance of holding back when all you want to do is leap forward. A little bit of chivalry and self control can go along way and is so much sexier than giving in. I mean come on here people we need to shape up; we are in danger of having nothing but a bunch of floozies running around looting the world if we can't get a hold of our need for instant gratification.

All in all, I laughed, I cried (no really I did) and in the end I loved it!
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Page Girl All in all, I laughed, I cried (no really I did) and in the end I loved it!

Milka Bago i want a sequel for this one! it's so wonderful.

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