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The Emerald Atlas by John  Stephens
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Nov 03, 2011

it was amazing
Read on November 03, 2011

Much much much more than I expected. I picked up this book in the library because I though it would be a fairly good read judging by size. I read the back just to see what I should expect... and fell in love with the character of Emma. "A pint sized brawler.... knows the word 'please'.... this is the most surprising. But what made me even more happy was when I saw the font. I had read the three books in the series that contains 'Magic thief', 'Lost', and 'Found'. The font was HUGE in those books! So when I saw the font of this book was half that size I was sooooooo happy! I read the book flaps, found out more about the author, read the first page, and I EXPECTED A LOT FROM THIS BOOK!!!!!!

I was soooo pleased.

Kate, Michael, and Emma are three, supposedly, orphans. But they all strongly believes they are not. Before their parents left they told Kate they would come back for their kids. That was when Kate was four. She's now fourteen.

The orphanage where they live is a bad place for them. So were the orphanages before this one but this headmaster is a real meanie-poop, butt-ugly face. And everybody bullies them because of their one initial last name 'P'. They always picked on Emma especially because she would get all worked up fighting back.

But when the bundle of three are given one chance to be adopted or they'll be passed on to another orphanage they blow it. On Purpose. Ah, you gotta love those kids.

But this new orphanage they are sent to, it's real sketchy. It's in this big place, like, no one knows about except for this old guy. Gotta love the old guys. But then this orphanage, it's in a humongous house. And even weirder, they're the only kids there.

They don't get to meet the headmaster of the orphanage yet, but Abraham (the old man that brought them here) seems nice enough and so does the lady, Mrs. Sallow (Or at least I think that's it), even though she keeps treating them like they're snotty French Nobles. Weird, but who cares?

But then they decide to go exploring and that's where it all really began. Actually, it might've begun fifteen years before then...

But I'll let you go pick up the book and go find out about that yourself.

It's well written, decidedly described, with creepy crevices, obscene oldies, mostivated masters, and lots of perilous people; all in all an amazig adventure!

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