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The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter
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Mar 25, 12

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Read in February, 2012

I just recently finished reading the book! ^_^ I'm so happy with the end results. And seriously... what is everyone's problem with Sienna? If you could accept Haidee who had KILLED Baden and done more damage to the Lords... Why the hell not Sienna?? She'd done NOTHING!!

Anyway.... The book's mostly about Paris & Sienna finding their HEA, and the Lord of Sex DOESN'T DISAPPOINT! The sex scenes were awesome. Everything he went through to find her, and to find out he'd birthed evil inside him, definitely a shocker... but none greater than Strider's confession! I actually like Sienna, she is, to me, the definition of a real-life female. Her insecurities, her inner self battles, her love, her fear, confusion.. it's all warranted; though I love the girls of previous books, they seemed a little too on the perfect side, yes they showed moments of vulnerability, but none greater than Sienna, that makes her much more relatable. Ultimately, I found her ever present determination and strength to not be controlled to be admirable. Against all odds she fought, and that is a very likable quality. Gena, you outdid yourself with this book; and it was worth the wait.. so much had to pass before this momemnt for Paris & Sienna. Loved. It! ^-^ I can't wait to see who's next!

Love these books!! :D

***February 09 2012 ****

PARIS!! Finally! just 19 days to go -____- But its better than months, or a year.

He's one of my most favorite, most "I want you" characters in the series. He's been through so much throughout the series I'm on edge! I want him to find Sienna already!! -.- Jeez!

I have to say, that of all the characters, even Strider and Torin, if I had to choose, it'd be him. Look at what he's done for his friends. Yes, he's whined, been depressed, drunk himself to oblivion, gone on a Hunter-murderous rampage, and his smiling, carefree nature has been overtaken by a darker, moodier edge completely, but it stands to good reason. None of the other lords have suffered as he has. Giving up Sienna to free Aeron of his curse, that speaks so much of him. While the other Lords are quick to dismiss their friends for a female they just met, Paris had the most difficult decision to make in Reyes' book... Aeron or Sienna. It wasn't just, choose the woman or your friend, it was the woman who might FINALLY bring you peace or his BROTHER! Though not by blood they've been together for centuries. but like the sweetheart he is, he put his friend above his own needs... Aeron asked him, Why? Paris responded, "Love You." just like that, that simple. My heart broke the moment he made his decision.

Yes, yes, now he's on a quest to find her, and by the looks of it in previous books, his only goal has been to kill hunters and drink himself to nothingness, but recently its getting to her and freeing her and sure in turn he's acting like a total ass, but I believe he's in his right to! Of course the other Lords wouldn't understand, they've only had to entertain the idea of losing their women, not actually losing them, and while Paris might have love/hate feelings for Sienna, as she is/was a Hunter, but having found the ONE woman who he can have more than once, his hope for peace and monogamy after thousands of years, I say, GO PARIS!!!

I'm definitely looking forward to this book! War in the Heavens, War on Earth, War in Hell.... Oooh! Its getting good!! HURRRY!!!! >.<
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Melodie I totally agree with you about Paris making the ultimate sacrifice for his friend. I'm sad that he is no longer the cheerful Paris we knew but considering all he went through, it's understandable.
I actually can't stand that the release day is less than 10 days away. I mean, now that it seems so close, every day that passes seems like an eternity.

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I'm hunting for information abt Pandora through all the reviews and stumbled across yours. *.* I love Paris. Oh, I love.

Neyra ♦ ^_^ Yayy!! lOl I love Paris very much, but my number is Torin! I know what i said in my review!!! -.- LOL

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