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Love Story by Jennifer Echols
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Nov 03, 11

I gotta say: this was my first Echols book but it won't be my last!

Love Story is about a girl named Erin who moved from Kentucky to New York City, living her rich farm girl life behind to pursue what she really wanted to do, which was be a novelist instead of her grandma's dream of her running the farm when she graduates. But even though she tries really hard to leave that life behind, things start catching up to her. Things like a boy named Hunter, who worked as stable-hand and then proceeded to inherit her fortune, for example.

I loved the way the book alternated between real life and then the stories both of them wrote for their creative writing class. Everything flowed together perfectly, and I didn't feel like the short stories weighed the novel down. In fact, they were probably my favorite parts! I liked the way most of their fighting happened more subtly, through the stories they wrote and shared with the class.

Erin was a great narrator, and someone you can really relate too. All she wants to do is forget what happened in the past and try to get on with her life, but she can't seem to with all the things that happened to her before she left. I loved all the side characters, especially Summer and Manoher, and they weren't just background noise. And then comes Hunter. Now here, i'm a bit conflicted. I mean, I liked reading about Erin's relationship with Hunter. But towards the end of the book, Hunter as a person was not good for me. Erin was just way too unsure where his loyalties lied and I was sick of her finally seeing something in him and then it being ruined.

Overall, I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves contemporary or wants to give it a shot.

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