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Heart of Steel by Meljean Brook
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Nov 03, 2011

it was amazing
Read on November 03, 2011

The worldbuilding is still shaky in the second Iron Seas book - not because of the Steampunk elements, but because of all the history involved. Too many names to keep track of, and I generally enjoy court mysteries. I suspect a second read-through would help, like it did for the Iron Duke. Other than that, the world of airships and gas lamps was wonderful, though it didn't have such a prominent presence as in the Iron Duke.

In the beginning I was worried Fox's infatuation with Yasmeen would go the same route as Rhys' in the Iron Duke - lust without explanation. He started off intrigued by her, but by what exactly, I'm not sure. And then, halfway through the book, I realized it was all an experiment to him. As a person who lived for thrills, he wanted the thrill of being in love. A very odd way to go about it, and I'm still not sure why he chose Yasmeen, but it was certainly interesting and different from any other romance I've read.

When Yasmeen said they were the perfect match, I agreed, for once. I loved how he not only acknowledged Yasmeen's superior speed and fighting skills but allowed her to precede him several times. He did not shield her and she did not need a shield. The one thing I felt was missing was Yasmeen's grief (no spoilers, so can't say why). We get bits and pieces of it, and I understand she's not one to stay sad, but I would have expected a scene to come out of it.

The plot was wild and crazy and interesting, and I enjoyed it, even if I did have the urge to skim through the history lessons. In many ways I think it was not as convoluted as the Iron Duke, even though many more places were visited and many more adventures encountered. It was great seeing Ivy and Mad Machem (sp?) again, as well as characters from the Iron Duke. The book gets 5 stars mainly for its unconventional view on romance and keeping Yasmeen's character true to the end.

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11/03/2011 page 33
11.0% "What is up with the heroes in this series blindly chasing the heroines without knowing anything about them? Unless there's some mysterious past encounters that we haven't learned about..."
11/03/2011 page 45
14.0% "Yasmeen is a lot more arrogant than I expected. Works for me. Kinda awkward how the location of her various weapons keeps getting mentioned, though."
11/03/2011 page 55
18.0% "I'm hoping (praying) that Yasmeen doesn't go soft for a man. I really am. But, let's be realistic - "a romance adds excitement.""
11/03/2011 page 90
29.0% "oh no! :( Poor Yasmeen..."
11/03/2011 page 102
33.0% "I understand that Yasmeen is focusing on revenge, but I would be so upset! heartbroken!"
11/03/2011 page 118
38.0% "I've got a bad feeling about this... they're not going to be able to get the strongbox, are they? And what happened to Ginger?"
11/03/2011 page 159
51.0% "I'm not sure I understand Fox's mission with his feelings. I also don't understand why he choose Yasmeen."
11/03/2011 page 230
74.0% "If I'm understanding this romance correctly, it's striking an odd chord in me. To want to fall in love with someone simply to know how it feels is oddly brilliant."
11/03/2011 page 311
100.0% "very nice, I think. Though I wish there was more closure - what about Zenobia?"

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