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The Calling by Kelley Armstrong
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Apr 09, 2012

really liked it
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Read from April 05 to 10, 2012

The first book was amazing, and this was a good follow up- not as good but good. I've always hoped she'd give Daniel a chance, I love him he's such a great guy, wish i had a friend like him! I dont know what to make of Rafe, but I couldn't care i'm for daniel all the way hands down unless he turns out to be a real jerk which i doubt. Feel so sorry for him because he has a crap abusive dad! How can she not love him? Cant wait to see what happens.
I gave this one 4 stars because shes still not giving Daniel a chance as more than a friend even when he was talking to her about his ex, and said that he was gonna break up with her before she died.
I like most think it was because he likes her!I was going to give this a three because I sat there and finished this book really quickly- like in an hour. Waiting for something to happen, maybe just a kiss- whatever but SOMETHING atleast. Daniel was so protective of her and looking out for her and they share everything with eachother.
I wish Rafe did die to be honest, I dont see the point in him being in the story other tha1n a love interest. She would have found what she was without him eventually anyways didnt need him to tell her.
I would have given this a 3, but because Rafe was hardly in it and there was lots more of Daniel, I decided id give it a 4 for him!
Maybe in book 3 ill get what I want haha!
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Courtney I'm totally team Daniel<3 hope they end up together

Marie Me too!!

Nina I really really really hope she'll give Daniel a chance since it's so obvious he's in love with her. But after the second book I just don't see it coming :(

Marie Oh no im just about to start reading it:( If she ends up with Raff or someone else other than Daniel it will ruin the series for me.:/

Courtney Agreed! She can't end up with raff. You totally just bummed me out Nina now I don't think I can read it lol.

Nina Oh sorry^^ I didn't want to ruin anything for you guys. Just read it :P Daniel is so great in this book, that's enough for now.
And after you read it we can start speculating what might happen in The Rising ;)

Courtney You didn't ruin it ;) I already had a feeling she wasn't gonna end up with him but I really want her to!!

Marie I know same Court. Just finished it Nina! Know what you mean. Hurry up and read it Court its not so bad theres plenty of Daniel in there, and not much Raff which is good! Hurry, hurry, hurry so we gan gossip about that ending;)

Courtney Lol ok will do :)

message 10: by Nina (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nina Haha, yeah go get started ;)

(view spoiler)

Courtney Just started!!

Courtney Just finished!! Ya I've been wondering if Daniel is her brother but he just can't be. They have to end up together!

message 13: by Nina (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nina Nah, he can't be. And if he actually turned out to be her brother it would be totally illogical. Rafe on the other hand... ;)

Courtney If rafe is I might throw up a little lol...but at least then they couldn't b together

message 15: by Nina (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nina Yeah that would be so weird :P But I do like the couldn't be together part ;)
I wonder how many people actually like Rafe better^^

Courtney I've yet to see any :)

message 17: by Nina (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nina Me too :P Maybe Daniel has a chance after all!

Courtney If mrs. Armstrong knows what's good for her Daniel has a shot lol ;)

Marie I know can you imagine if Rafe does end up as her brother, it would be gross but then it would definitley be her and Daniel so yeah I could live with it!
If Daniel does, then id have to kill Raf! LOL!It would just completely ruin this series for me haha!

message 20: by Brie (new) - rated it 5 stars

Brie ... I like Rafe. Lol
Daniel does have blonde hair like Maya's mom.... Not that that's a hard core clue or anything.

message 21: by Nina (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nina Also since they're supposed to be twins I can't see how one child could turn out to be a shapeshifter and the other one some kind of demonhunter (I can't recall what it's called right now^^). Rafe on the other hand... :P

Marie Yeah good comment Nina! ;)
I hope your right haha!

Courtney Ooooo ya!!

message 24: by Tina (new) - rated it 5 stars


message 25: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle Agree with you all the way! Daniel is such a great guy. She should just forget about Rafe and move on with Daniel

message 26: by Nina (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nina Michelle wrote: "Agree with you all the way! Daniel is such a great guy. She should just forget about Rafe and move on with Daniel"

I really really hope she's going to surprise us like she did in The Darkest Powers...Stupid Rafe...

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