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Tempt Me by R.G. Alexander
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I was looking for something fun and sexy when I picked this book, and the mention of a ‘magical wannabe guardian angel’ on the back cover had me intrigued. What? I admit I have a weakness for angel-ish creatures. Don’t judge me. ;) I knew this was an Erotic Romance going into it, but I didn’t expect to be robbed on the relationship and only given sex. Blech. Not my cup of tea.

One of my biggest complaints about this book is that it’s so hard to care about the characters. You barely get to know them at all. I suppose the character investment was set up in the first book of the series, Possess Me, but since I didn’t read that book I needed the author to make me care about them in this one. The only person that had any depth was the hero. The heroine had zero personality beyond being an enthusiastic sex partner—although I suppose that’s all that’s necessary when they spend all their time in the bedroom.

What sucks is that the author had an interesting plot idea. That’s what kept me reading when I realized that the book wasn’t doing it for me. It wasn’t horrible or anything, but it felt juvenile and silly. I’m not a fan of that unless the humor is intentional. The characters felt young and silly, which struck me as ridiculous since most of the guys were supposed to have been ‘bad’ before they were reformed. Maybe I would have been able to get into the story more if the world and its rules had been built up more. There wasn’t any depth to it and if I hadn’t already been familiar with voodoo and some of the particulars of it, then I would have been further frustrated by the way it was cobbled together without any explanation about the particulars of it given to the reader.

I liked the way the author developed Gabriel. The book opened with him in a bar giving off a ‘loser’ vibe. Soon we realize that he’s haunted by past torments and is uncertain of his sanity. He doesn’t feel that he can involve his family in the situation while he figures things out, so he mopes and deals with the darkness inside himself by drinking, fighting, or having sex. When he meets Angelique he can’t help but start to feel for her, despite his issues. What bothered me about him was the way his mood swung like a pendulum. He could turn into a total jerk in the blink of an eye. Angelique was mad about it, but I never felt that he actually ever had to feel bad about the things he said. Apologies and emotional development were always ignored in favor of more sex.

I liked Gabriel’s ghostly tag along (or whatever he was). However, I didn’t like that a threesome between him, Gabriel, and Angelique was thrown in there out of the blue, with no real discussion between the players. I knew he had an unhealthy obsession with Angelique, but I never got the idea that sharing—even temporary sharing—was something that Gabriel would have been okay with. It was just weird and jarring to have it crop up like that for no reason.

So…I don’t think this author’s style is my type. I needed more relationship and character development to care about the events of the book and to have any interest in the sex. The idea had promise but the execution didn’t do anything for me.

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