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Angel of Darkness by Cynthia Eden
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Despite popular belief, angels were not the favored ones. They did not have choices like the humans. Angels only had duty.

Well hello, Cynthia Eden. I see I’ve been missing out by putting off giving your books a try. I can’t remember where I got the impression, but for some reason I always assumed that Eden wrote light, fluffy PNR. I’m relieved to be mistaken. I liked the way she kept me guessing through the story. I wasn’t sure who was good and who was bad and how everything would resolve. The uncertainty of it added a nice tension to the read.

Keenan was a very interesting character. He was an Angel of Death for years and had no life beyond his duty. He didn’t experience emotion the same way humans did so he never had a problem fulfilling his task. Until Nicole. For some reason she got to him in a way that no other person had. He was drawn to her goodness and found that when the time came, he couldn’t help but intervene. Of course, it still didn’t turn out perfectly, but he was cast down for stepping outside his role and daring to take a life that he wasn’t ordered to take. He lost wings and powers and found himself bombarded with human emotions and sensations that he previously lacked.

When Keenan finds Nicole he’s shocked to find how much she’s changed. She’s done some bad things since becoming a vampire and he has a hard time reconciling her with the woman he spared. I liked this aspect of their relationship. Nicole talked a good game, but she didn’t always like the person she had become. She was worried about what Keenan would think of her because even she didn’t approve of what she had done. Keenan and Nicole both had to learn to love the woman she had become, vampire baggage and all.

I really liked the way this book was setup. It had a bit of a ”City of Angels” vibe to it, except without the depressing ending. Speaking of "City of Angels"--Why? Why would you do that to me at the end??? That was so upsetting. I’ll hate you for it foreva, I swear! *ahem* I'm back from my little tangent now. Keenan falls and gets to discover the wonder of life and emotion with Nicole. He’s never loved, never touched—hear that virgin hero lovers?--before her. But I didn’t quite understand why this girl, out of all the girls through time, was the one to reach through and cause him to let her live. It was a small niggle, but I would have appreciated a little stronger of a foundation. Once they were together it was smooth sailing for me. I loved watching them learn to trust and rely on one another and then eventually fall in love.

The uncertainty of who to trust was very well done. Keenan was walking in unfamiliar territory and had no clue of what to expect, let alone who was telling the truth. I found myself bouncing back and forth between believing Sam and believing Az. It helped that they both seemed to have a thread of truth running through whatever they said. I enjoyed being confused about who to believe, right alongside the characters and I’m very curious to see where the next book will take us in this world.

I’ve heard that this series is lightly tied into the author’s Night Watch series, but seeing as how I’m new to this author, I can say that this reads just fine with no outside knowledge of the other series. The only time I felt that I might have been missing something was when Nicole spoke about her past torment at the hands of another vampire. I have no idea if that tied into something else, but I felt that there was more to that story that I was already supposed to know.

Favorite Quote:
"Some things in this world were more important than duty, and some things were even stronger than death."

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Catherine It was fun, wasn't it?

Laura the Highland Hussy random, but I liked how at the end, her criminal record didn't just "poof" away to give them a neat tidy little HEA. It seems all PNR has wealthy characters who can tweak the system so no one ever worries about prison or taxes, or any of that stuff. Was kind of normal, y'know?

Catherine I liked that too. I get tired of the easy fixes sometimes.

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