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The Little Universe by Jason Matthews
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Nov 02, 2011

it was amazing

Jason Matthew’s the Little Universe is a work of art, not only as his book’s cover depicts, but as its content reveals. A group of scientists, with the help of an anthropomorphically interesting computer, create a miniature universe in a lab. As the little universe grows exponentially, the group microscopically observes degrees of life and development on numerous discovered planets. The group itself then begins a journey of technological, as well as spiritual growth.
Using accurate terminology from astronomy, cosmology and applied physics, Jason engages the reader with believable scenarios of varying evolutionary paths that life—humanity—can potentially take. Interweaved with the scientific are the spiritual, metaphysical queries of life as well: What is consciousness? Can it transcend matter, distance, and time? Is there a higher evolutionary position we are all destined to arrive at—individually and collectively? Is life intended to be more? These are some of the questions underlying the themes of this unique work.
This is an interesting and engaging story that I think emulates mankind’s dichotomous position in history today: that of simultaneously seeing the benefits, as well as the destructive side of growth and technology, and weighing these in the balance as we all ask: is there more than just this material life, and what is my part in it?
Good job Jason, looking forward to the Little Universe’s sequel.

G. F. Smith

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