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The Lightkeeper's Bride by Colleen Coble
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Dec 13, 2011

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Katie - raised by her aunt and real father (though she did not know that her father had slept with his wife's sister until near the end of the story) - her mother into drugs, sex, fun; and left her alone too much. At the age of 5 her mother brought her to Mercy Falls, they met up with her dad, mom went out, she got hungry and scared and made her way to her father ... his wife showed up the next day and insisted they keep her and raise her as their own, paying off her mother - they love her, mom/aunt 'higher' born than dad, dad owns a men's haberdashery that is failing, and dad gets involved in a pirating expedition. Katie is an operator, a job she enjoys and brings a levelheadedness to (for example, when she gets a call about a fire at the orphanage, she gets the fire dept out, then calls the constable.)... she wants control, is afraid her real mother will return and the townspeople will look down on her, her parents want her to marry the town's rich bachelor.

Will, loves to study weather (a new discipline), is the new lighthouse keeper, has been the responable all his life, raising his younger brother (who is the opposite & irresponsible - and starting a career as a PI) & sister when their parents died, has a deep faith in God. He saw pirates take over a ship, and throw people overboard - he rowed out and saved 2 of 6 people.

And Katie & Will end up at xxx's house - Katie because she was talking to her, she dropped the phone, Katie heard an arguement and she never came back on the line... so she stops by to make sure she's ok... and Will goes to the house because his brother, investigating the piracy, had a tip that xxx was the informant and to see her and ask about Mr. Russell - and the brother couldn't do it because he'd had sex with xxx 2 years earlier and didn't think she'd talk to him. She is gone (they never find her body, though they do find the wedding gown she tol Katie she was trying on)... and her year old daughter is left... and both Will and Katie offer to take her (orphanage closed due to fire). Will takes her (he thinks she's his niece because she had his brother's eye color & shape). At first Katie is very suspicious of him, but he is steady, and honest... and when smallpox breaks out and her mother is infected, she can't go home and Will asks her to stay with him at the lighthouse to care for the baby... she agrees when the mother of her friend agrees to come and play chaperone... and the operator equipment is brought to the lighthouse... Bart, the man her parents want her to marry, keeps trying to spend time with her, but though she likes him, she isn't excited when she's with him...Bart wants her to stay in their home during the quarentine, but she says no.

And Will and Katie work on the mystery - both are threatened - via phone, in person, etc. and they discover the boat in a hidden bay...

It ends up that Bart needs money, he wants to open a Macy - so he hires thugs and comes up with the piracy of gold... and Katie's dad is in on it - and had signed over his store property to Katie as a tax protection, and promises Bart for Katie's hand in marriage, so he gets the shop. (Dad is hit over the head and is hospitalized when he objects because people died in the piracy)... and Will and Katie solve it (though Katie doesn't figure out Bart's part until she turns down his proposal & he gets mean)...

And though Katie was moving toward Will, accepting God is in charge, and God's plan for her... when their life is threatened, she finds peace in knowing she is for Will in spite of anything else - her parent's disappointment, working hard. And Will accepts her - her desire to control, her sense of responsibility, her enjoyment of adventure...

and Will wants to stay in Mystic Falls, and is hired to provide weather information to the federal weather site.... and she forgives and reconciles with her real mom... and dad turns himself in... ahhhh

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